Best Way To Store Baby Clothes

Best Way To Store Baby Clothes

With a number of mothers-to-be around the world, I would like to share with you the best way to store baby clothes as well as how to get the most benefits for your space when organizing your baby clothes.

Best way to store baby clothes

  1. Plastic storage containers

With the first organization tip, I recommend getting some kind of plastic storage containers and you can get a big size if you want depending on how much baby clothing you plan to purchase for each month. This is considered as one of the best way to store baby clothes these days. For each of the containers, you need to get a sharpie and mark on them in order to know this type of clothes is for newborn or any growth period of your child.

Also, you can note the brands down since different brands manufacture different sizes. Some brands are smaller than the others with the same size, so that it is better to have them categorized clearly. These containers can be kept next to your dressers, and when you want to donate these clothes to friends, you already have them kind of categorized already. Moreover, if you plan on having more children, storing all of these clothes for your next baby will be a perfect idea. Lastly, these containers are also regarded as the ideal storage for children’s toys since they are durable and last a really long time.

In particular, you need to know the easy way to fold these clothes into the containers to make the most out of the space. I find it easy if everything is folded in one direction and then to make the most of the space since the clothes are so tiny, you should do two rows on the opposite direction. For loose items such as mitts and socks, you should tie them together by rubber band, so that they do not get scrolled everywhere. Now, I will introduce you the way to fold the baby onesies. Firstly, take the onesie and fold up the little flat part at the bottom. Then, you can fold the arms in, in case they are long sleeves, you can fold them in as well.

After that, you should fold the onesie in half, and then once it is half, you will fold it in half over itself once again. In the end, you can get a little tiny thing which will take the least amount of space. By doing this way, you can squeeze this little piece in next to everything else in the container. With the pants, you just need to fold it in half and fold it once over afterwards. This kind of item does not require much complication. Going to the next stuff, I will show you how to fold the pajamas. You need to lay them flat on the back and then fold them in half. After that, fold the arms in and fold the legs half way up. Continue to fold the pajama smaller which can be easily placed inside the containers.

  1. Fabric colored bins

Before introduce you the best way to store baby clothes by using fabric colored bins, there is an information that you should know. Make sure that clothing closets in your baby’s room have no heavy-mirrored doors since they can break on the kids. Moreover, we can easily access to the stuff inside without much effort. About the bins, you can buy some pretty ones at either the supermarkets or the retailers. You should choose the patterned ones so that the kids will be interested in them.

However, these patterned bins are not so durable for continuous use because when you pull them out, you will kind of distort the front a little bit since they are just made of cardboard as well as covered with fabric. As a consequence, they have a good enough adhesive for a short period of time, but eventually, that adhesive separates from the two pieces of cardboard and then become completely useless. Even if your cardboard does not separate, the first thing going to happen is that you are going to distort the shape of your bins because they all get bowed out in the front. As a result, this one is not the best storage methods for regular use with kids but one of the beautiful options.

In case you are still fond of the fabric colored bins, the ones with half and quartered size are recommended. With these items, you can get your stuff really easily without having to pull out the bins. In addition, they are a little bit more durable than the big ones. Regardless of whatever you buy, you are suggested to buy a lot of the same kind of bins. By following this, you will find organization a little bit easier and can make full use of the space effectively. In particular, you can easily stack the same sized bins together and they will fit your space more beautifully.

  1. Decorative boxes

Last but not least, you can use numerous decorative boxes to hold old baby clothes that you are going to keep for sentimental reasons. You can keep them on the top of the shelf since you do not need to use these items on a regular basis. Therefore, my recommendation is that if you are going to have something that is long-term storage, you can put them into some pretty boxes, which can be placed at the back of the closet or in an inconvenient place because you do not have to access these clothes very often.

good way to store baby clothes

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In conclusion, I am sure that you can choose the best way to store baby clothes in your own house after following some of my useful tips. However, if you have any problems during your application, please feel free to contact us and get some instructions.

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