how to Encourage Baby to Crawl

How to Encourage Baby to Crawl

For every mom, learning how to encourage baby to crawl is an important task. According to the study from professionals, crawling contributes remarkably to the development of children in many aspects. In the period from 6 month old to 10 month old, babies often tend to start one of the first stages in their life, crawling. This period may be later in babies who find difficult to move their body. Besides, some of them start walking without experiencing the crawl phase. The crawl phase of a baby often contains several necessary requirements of head supporting, rolling and sitting. These actions offer the basic standard to encourage babies ready to get started in the newer transition.

How to Encourage Baby to Crawl

Part 1: Ensure that your baby is ready to start crawling

The very first step is letting the little ones lye on their tummy. This plays an essential role in providing them time for developing their monitor skills and the development of neck and arms. The tummy time should be as soon as possible, depending on the readiness of your babies. At the first time, most of babies will feel uncomfortable because of lacking much control.

When babies get older, they become closer to the crawl phase. This is time babies know how to lift their heads and look around, which contributes to quicker speed of crawling. Remember to make pre-crawling time funny by talking with the little ones, waving a piece of colorful fabric and giving them toys.

Another important requirement is promoting the back strength of your babies. Parents can help babies sit up by supporting their back and head. This not only supports their right postures, but also muscle strength. It is obvious that those who have more tummy time will know how to sit sooner. The signal when a baby can start crawling is that he gets balance and lunges forward. Don’t force him to crawl if he is not ready. The reason is that too soon crawling may cause to injury and other consequences in the future. Babies can do a great number of crawling styles and you do not have to worry about any strange action.

 Encourage Baby to Crawl

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As we have mentioned above, the safe time for a baby to start crawling is from 6 months to 10 months. You should not let your babies crawl too early until they are ready for a new stage in their life.

The idealist place for your babies to crawl must be comfortable and easy to move. A soft carpet or mat will be the great recommendation in this case. It is not too soft, but comfortable enough to protect babies from falling. You had better cover a soft blanket if the floor is made from hard wood. The number of clothes layers should not be too thick because they can make your babies feel uncomfortable. Provide enough brightness in the room, making them active every time.

After that, be careful in placing the babies on the carpet or floor. If your babies have eaten after 10 to 15 minutes, they will feel happy to start other activities. It is time for them to move on their tummy. Help little babies control their heads when necessary by your hands. Make sure that your babies do not cry or you will need another time to give them practicing lessons.

Part 2: It is time for crawling

In order to promote your babies to move forward, you can prepare some lovely toys and encourage babies to reach. Many people often collect a variety of rollers to attract the attention of babies. There are many modern tools for supporting children to sit or walk. Parents can encourage their babies by saying, “Quickly, get your little bear” or “Your toys are here, come on!” As a response, babies try to move to the toys and rock side by side.

If your babies move toward you, you can step backward and encourage them to come closer to you. Ensure to make them feel confident when moving by 4 legs. For safety, support the torso of your babies when they want to move around.


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Look for other effective ways to encourage your babies move forward. One of the best methods we would like to recommend here is placing the mirror in front of your babies. A distance of 10 inches is suitable and out of baby reach. Parents also can create the peace of mind for babies by crawling besides them. Babies will follow what you do as same as having a close friend.

It is advisable for you to stop trying to teach your babies to crawl if they feel frustrated. Make the little ones think that crawling is just fun without any pressure. You can change the time for encouraging them later or on the next day. Giving the baby positive feelings is a useful method to encourage him to crawl for the next time.

Tips and Warnings

While teaching babies crawl, parents should limit the time for them to walk or sit in other tools for kids such as carriers, seats, etc…As you know, walking reduce the development of arm and leg muscles in babies. Furthermore, don’t put too high pressure on your little ones when they are not ready for the next milestones. This may skip the crawling process.

In addition, safety should be the first priority to consider when your child starts the crawling experience. Some common things that should place out of reach of the children like electric source, electric cord, sharp table corners, fragile items, plants and more. Try to lock the toilet or stairs to protect your babies from unexpected injuries. Keep in mind these important considerations if you wish to create the safe and healthy environment for the overall development of babies.

In general, learning how to encourage baby to crawl is not so easy. Crawling has a strong impact on the overall development of babies. Therefore, your babies should not miss this phase because it brings ultimate benefits to their physical strength.

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