How to Get a Baby to Burp

How to Get a Baby to Burp

How to Get a Baby to Burp

It is very important to know how to get a baby to burp in the right way. As you know, burping is responsible for releasing air kept in baby’s stomach when feeding. It can bring some benefits to the little ones. By getting rid of air in the stomach, burping makes babies feel more comfortable. It is also an effective method in relieving gastroesophageal reflux disease at most of the babies.

The symptom of this disease is that juice flows back from the little stomach to mouth. Parents can help their babies reduce this disease by making regular burping. Each baby has the particular demands of burping. Babies fed by bottles tend to burp more than breastfed ones. This is because feeding by bottles makes babies swallow more air to their stomach. However, you can solve this problem by using some advanced bottles that limit the penetration of much air. The article below provides all you need about burping a baby.

When You Need Burping Your Babies?

If your babies have the signals of being uncomfortable or squirmy and crying, you should give them a burping. Crying is a method to help babies express their feelings in different aspects such as tiredness, hungriness, boredom, or wetness.

Burping is a common matter that you often see at newborns. This problem will reduce when babies grow a little bit from 4 to 6 months. They are familiar with eating and do not swallow much air. You should not give your babies a burp if they feel asleep while feeding.

Burping babies should conduct per 15 or 20 minutes of feeding. Moms can burp their babies during the feeding. For babies fed by bottles, give them a burp after drinking 60 or 90 ml. besides, breastfed babies can get a burp when his mom switches from this breast to the other. Stop feeding babies when they cry to prevent them from digesting much air.

Many moms often pat their baby back once the feeding has just completed.  Your babies will need burping at the end of their meals to release all air. The air comes from the result of eating a big amount of milk at 180ml. You had better give a burp to your baby after 4 minutes of feeding. This helps release gas built up during the feeding process. More specifically, if your baby seems to feel fussy at night, perhaps he has troubles with his fully air stomach. Giving him necessary burps is a great solution at this time.

How to Get a Baby to Burp

There are numerous ways to get a baby to burp. Keep in mind that right positions are very helpful in helping babies have the most comfortable feeling. Do not expect your babies to burp immediately after you try some efficient methods. Perhaps they are not ready to make a burp. You can refer how to get a baby to burp as following.

  1. Give A Burp On The Shoulder

One of the simplest ways to get this job done is holding the baby in your hand and against your chest. This provides a good place for his chin to rest. Use one hand to support the baby and the left one is responsible for patting his back.

Like this way above, you can hold the baby higher on your shoulder. This helps create the comfortable pressure on his belly and easy burping. Then, use one hand to support the baby and the left one is responsible for patting his back. Here is a better method with the ability to promote the comfortable breath. You can look at the mirror to check the position of baby’s head. Make sure that the baby is in a comfortable position and he can control his head and neck in a flexible way. Before doing these tasks, prepare a cloth to absorb spit-up from the little ones.

  1. Burp Babies By Sitting On Your Lap

Let your baby sit on your lap. Both of your hands should be put in the right positions. For instance, one hand is a charge of supporting the baby weight, whereas, the other one supports other past of baby’s chest, jaw and chin. Remember not to put your hands on the baby’s throat. Allow the baby to lean slightly forward and use one hand to pat his back. A cloth is necessary for keep you clean from extra spit-up.

  1. Help Your Baby Lie On His Stomach

Get this method done by allowing your baby to lie on your legs. Use one hand to support his jaw and chin. Remember that the baby head is never lower than other parts of the body. This ensures that the blood flows smoothly without any restriction. Use one hand to pat slightly the baby back. A cloth is very useful in keeping all spit-up.

Tips and Warnings

Get a Baby to Burp

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Burping is a common problem of most of the babies. Parents should prepare the basic knowledge about how to get a baby to burp. You can relieve burping problems by supporting the digestion of your babies.

In addition to choosing the proper positions, moms should breastfeed the baby as much as possible. It is evidence that breastfed babies have better digestion and fewer burping issues than babies fed by bottles do. The reason is that breastfed baby has the great ability to control his milk flow. To contrast, it is challengeable for the little ones to solve quicker flow of milk from the bottles. Then, feeding by bottles makes babies digest more air into their stomach. Avoid feeding anymore if the babies look fussy. If they feel uncomfortable, perhaps they have to deal with the burping problems. Trying to nurse babies might make them even more unpleasant and increase the chances of spitting up. It is advisable for you to observe regularly your baby’s feelings.

Depending on the feelings of your baby, you could decide to continue or break the feeding process. Contact to the doctors if you find that your baby is extremely fussy than normal. He is believed to suffer from stomachache or gastroesophageal reflux disease.

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