How to get a Breech Baby to Flip

How to get a Breech Baby to Flip

How to get a Breech Baby to Flip.

Do you know that 3% of babies are breech until they are born? Although this matter is not so common, it may cause some problems like the shortage of oxygen to the baby brain or dysplasia in the hip. Luckily, there are a great number of natural methods to solve this problem. You can apply them from the 30th week to 37th week to turn a breech baby to the right position. The medical method will support you after the 37th week. However, it is advisable for you to ask the opinions from doctors during the pregnancy period.  The followings are our best guides to help you know how to get a breech baby to flip.

How to get a Breech Baby to Flip

  1. Do Exercises

  • Breech tilt exercise

First of all, you should follow the breech tilt method from the 30th week to the 37th week. Here is the most common type of exercises in many countries to flip a breech baby. By encouraging the baby to tuck his chin, it helps him easily flip to the correct position. There is no difficulty in doing this exercise. All you need to do is raising your hip over your head from 9 to 12 inches.

Many people often decide to lie on the floor, and then use soft pillows to support their hips. This is the simplest method without any difficult technique. Another alternative way is lying on a large wood board and letting your feet free in the air. Remember to use pillows to support your head.

It is advisable for you to apply these methods 3 times per day, 10 to 15 minutes per time before eating. Make sure that your baby is active during the whole exercise. Feel relax and make a deep breath when doing the exercise. Moreover, never put pressure on your abdominal muscles to avoid unexpected injuries. To get the better result, you can add sound, ice or heat in your exercise.

  • Knee-to-chest method

The purpose of this exercise is encouraging the baby to flip in the right position by taking advantage of the gravity. After getting down your knees on the ground, you should make your forearms rest. Raise your hips up to expand your uterus. This helps provide a large space for the head of your baby. Remain this step from 5 to 15 minutes. You should apply this method twice per day before eating. It helps prevent you from discomfort in the future.

The process of flipping a breech baby will be easier if you decide his position. In this case, use the elbow of one hand to lean on the floor, whereas, the other hand puts gently a slight impact on the rear end of your baby. The baby rear end is the part located a little bit higher than the pubic bone.

  • Forward-leaning exercise

If you are familiar with the knee-to-chest method, you actually feel simple to start doing forward-leaning exercise. However, the forward-leaning exercise requires the level that is more difficult.

You should remain the knee-to-chest position to do this exercise. A bed is an ideal place to do the task. Put your palms on the ground and tuck your chin as well.  Effective tucking your chin is a good way to release your pelvic muscles.

For more safety, you will need the support from your partner. He keeps your shoulders tightly and this helps avoid slipping your hands. Remember to do this exercise 3 or 4 times per day, 30 seconds per time.

  • Swimming

Learn how to flip a breech baby by swimming as below. Swimming is a natural way to help baby flip in the correct way through his effort.

A clean and clear pool is the optimal option for you. All you need is swimming around the clean pool. Swimming is not only useful in turning a breech baby but also improves your general health. This type of sport is very efficient in dealing with the breaststroke and the front crawl.

Moreover, swimming offers a good chance for the baby to roll on his own. It also supports the comfort of your muscles as well. To gain this result, you need doing the movement of front and back flips. Underwater handstand is another better solution for people who own great balance. If you prefer the strong feeling, diving into the pool is a smart choice. Notice to hold gently the baby head. It also encourages the baby to roll over on his own.

  • Good posture

The daily posture will affect the development of your baby. It is evidence that correct posture helps the baby has the largest space in your uterus. This brings a good chance for him to flip in the right position by his own.

In order to correct your postures, you need standing straight. Let your body free and feel relax. The gravity should be divided equally on your hips. Furthermore, your feet must be parallel with the shoulders.

  1. Apply Other Alternative Methods

Many women are successful in these efficient methods. They are safe for both moms and babies. Discover how to get a breech baby to flip as the followings.

The most typical suggestion is using something cold or hot on your belly. You had better place a cold tea pack on the top part of your belly, and the lower part of the belly is under warm water.  It will enable your baby to move from the cold position to the warmer area.

If you want to make your babies intelligent, try to encourage them to listen to the music as much as possible. It is a right way to encourage the baby to move toward the sound. You could do this method by wearing headphones around your lower belly. In addition, ask your partner to sing closely to your belly. This helps the baby hear his daddy’s voice.

All in all, you had better ask the opinions from doctors before getting involved into any kind of exercises. Learning how to get a breech baby to flip is not so difficult, but it requires your carefulness and intelligence.

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