How To Get Ready For Pregnancy

How To Get Ready For Pregnancy

How To Get Ready For Pregnancy

When it comes to becoming parenthood, you should prepare several important things. It may take you more than one month for raising the best chance to get the perfect conception. If you want to have a healthy baby, keep on reading our article. It provides the necessary information to help you know how to get ready for pregnancy.

  1. Make A Preconception Visit

The first requirement of a good pregnancy is arranging a preconception visit with your doctor. The doctor will check all matters related to your pregnancy such as your health conditions and your family’s, or your current medical treatment. Not all medications are safe for you during your pregnancy, whereas, the others are essential in lingering in your body before getting pregnancy.

Moreover, you have a chance to get the best recommendations from your doctors about your diet, your habits, and your childhood diseases. The doctor will show you the medications you should take in this special period. In case you have to deal with serious diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma, let the doctor give you an examination before pregnancy.

A pelvic exam is very important in ensuring that you are in good health conditions to become a mom. It helps you find out transmitted diseases of sexual.

It is advisable for you to take a genetic carrier screening before pregnancy. This helps decide the risk that your baby can suffer from parents like sickle cell or cystic fibrosis. Another necessary test is checking the blood sample of both moms and dads. Make sure that the examination will meet the health insurance policy.

  1. Take Necessary Supplements

During pregnancy, the supplement of folic acid plays a crucial role in the development of your baby. You had better ensure that your baby could get enough folic acid in this important time. Especially, take 400mcg of folic acid per day to avoid neural-tube defects in the baby. According to the health center, regular taking enough folic acid in pregnancy helps against 50 to 70 percent of birth defects. It is easy to get folic acid from multivitamin at the drugstore. On the other hand, you should not take excessively the amount of vitamin A to protect the little ones from birth defects. The maximum of 770-mcg vitamin A per day is suitable for women in pregnancy. Ask the opinions from doctors if you are not sure about the necessary supplements to take.

  1. Say No With Stimulants

One of the best ways to protect you and your baby is avoiding smoking, taking drugs and drinking alcohol. As you know, these stimulants may cause dangerous problems such as premature birth, miscarriage, and babies with low birth weight. Besides, smoking is a reason leading to your fertility. It puts a negative impact on the sperm quality of your partner. This reduces the chance of getting pregnant. Feel confident to share your bad habits with your doctor. He will introduce some efficient ways to help you get rid of them in a surprisingly quick way. For example, your doctor can recommend useful programs to prevent you from regular taking drugs or smoking.

Caffeine is another factor affecting your pregnancy. You had better drink lower than 200mcg of caffeine per day to ensure the good development of your babies.

  1. Eat Healthy Foods

Improve your health by eating healthy foods. You have a chance to get enough nutrients from the abundant source of fruits and vegetables. Some types of foods including a great amount of calcium such as milk, yogurt, beans, nuts, meats, poultry and fresh juice.

It is advisable for you to control your weight effectively basing on BMI index. The BMI changes differently at underweight women, normal-weight women, overweight women and obese women. Check your BMI to match the ideal BMI of the health center. It is evidence that high BMI may cause complications in babies, while the low level is the reason of underweight condition. Make a conversation with your doctors to find out how to get ready for pregnancy.

Do you know that fish provides a huge source of Omega 3 and other nutrients? Discover how to get ready for pregnancy by eating fish. Omega 3 is an essential element in promoting the eyes and brains of your babies. However, some types of fish include harmful mercury to the baby health. Remember to eat the maximum of 6 ounces of tuna per week. It helps control the amount of fish you eat during pregnancy.

Best ways to get pregnant

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  1. Do Exercises

To have a healthy body and healthy baby, you should follow a suitable exercise program. By spending 30 minutes per day to do exercise, you will get the best result of your fitness target. Some low-impact exercises for pregnant women like cycling, walking, yoga, and stretching. Learn how to get ready for pregnancy through doing exercises. If you are too busy to start an exercise habit, you could change some activities in your daily life by the positive ones. For example, instead of using the elevator, you should make a brisk walk to your office.

  1. Go To The Dentist

Pregnancy is a sensitive period that can cause gum disease in moms. The reason for this symptom is the increase in estrogen and progesterone. They may make the bacteria in your mouth develop quickly. To avoid this problem, you should see your dentist for a total oral check. This helps protect you from gum complications in your pregnancy.

  1. Think Of Money Issues

The good preparation about finance helps ensure the happiness for your family. There are different expenses raised when you have a baby such as prenatal visits, vaginal delivery, cesarean section and the money for raising a child. Sign a health insurance if you want to reduce the burden of money on your shoulder.

  1. Care About Your Mental Health

Good mood enhances the chance of pregnancy. If you have any signal of depression, ask the doctor for a mental health test. He will give you the helpful advice to overcome this difficulty and the readiness for a healthy baby.

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