how to get rid of baby fever

How to Get Rid of Baby Fever

Fever is a common disease that almost babies have to experience in their life. However, it may cause dangerous health problems such as seizures and more. Therefore, parents should know how to get rid of baby fever in the proper way. With moderate fevers, you can apply some efficient methods right at home. Babies will need emergency medical treatment to overcome high fevers. In addition to cooling your babies, remember to offer enough relaxation and hydration to them. Keep on reading and find out the best ways to help your babies overcome the risk of fever.

How to Get Rid of Baby Fever

  1. Treat Baby Fever at Home

It is advisable for you to measure the temperature of your baby. A baby is in normal health condition with the temperature changing from 36 to 38 degrees Celsius. It is parallel 97 and 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. If the baby exceeds this temperature, it means he gets a fever. Other signals of baby fever are baby’s crankiness or discomfort. The followings are our guides to help you learn how to get rid of baby fever at home. These methods are applied for light fever. Before starting these methods, you should prepare some important things, including rag and fluids.

The first requirement is cooling down your baby. All you need is using warm water to bathe the baby. Take a soft rag and soak it in the warm water. Rub the rag on different parts of your baby such as head, armpit, hands, etc…Avoid applying alcohol, ice or cold water on the baby skin. These elements may cause the sudden reduction in temperature, which affects badly to the baby health. Moreover, alcohol may be the reason causing to poisoning. This requires you to avoid rubbing alcohol to treat baby fever.

Another necessary step is taking off clothes of the baby. You had better ensure that the materials of your clothes are thin and lightweight. Too many layers of clothes may make the fever more serious. In case the baby has the symptom of shivering, wear one more layer to help him keep warm. A soft blanket is a great solution in this case. It helps protect your baby from getting cold. Remember to choose a lightweight blanket for keeping your baby warm without being hot. A heavy blanket may increase the baby temperature. Keep an eye on your baby clothing when it gets wet due to sweat. High dampness is the reason leading to the illness of a baby.

A good way to prevent the baby temperature from climbing too high is using a fan. Remember to choose the low level of a fan for light circulation, not blowing directly on the face of a baby.

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In addition, don’t let your baby get involved in so many activities. This may make the temperature of your body increase. The most helpful recommendation is keeping the little ones sedate indoor. This helps increase the ability to fight the illness in babies. Another purpose of this method is preserving the energy of your baby to defeat the infection.

You should encourage your baby to drink as much water as possible. If the baby gets enough hydration, he will overcome easily fever. If your baby is under 6 months old, he should breast more or drink more formula milk. Babies who are more than 6 months can receive this supplement from natural sources such as fruit juice and fruit popsicles. Moreover, don’t let the baby drink many sugary fluids because they may cause intestines and flu.

  1. Apply Medication Treatments

Now we will tell you how to get rid of baby fever by the medication treatments. If your baby fever is persistent or serious, you need considering medication treatments. Acetaminophen is a common type of medication to help you solve fever in the baby. Depending on the age of your baby, you could decide the most appropriate dosage by reading carefully its instruction. It is advisable for you to ask the doctors before giving the acetaminophen to your baby. Especially, this step is very important for parents at the first time of allowing their little ones to take a new kind of medication.

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Tips and Warnings

You can measure your baby temperature with the support of a rectal thermometer. It is evidence that the rectal thermometer has the ability to offer the highest accuracy. Another popular option is using armpit. This tool requires an extra degree in the reading result for higher accuracy.

Depending on the symptoms of fever, you must call the doctor immediately. If the baby from 6 months to 1 year old exceeds 39.4 degrees Celsius of temperature, you should take him to the hospital. It is a similar situation if the fever lengthens more than 24 hours. Other signals of fever include dehydration, no appetite or listlessness. Serious fever also comes with purple spots or difficult breathe. For the little babies under 3 months old, temperature above 38 degrees Celsius means they are in the serious fever.

In conclusion, learning how to get rid of baby fever is an important task for all parents. It provides the necessary knowledge to help them deal with a common disease in baby, fever. Parents can combine both medication and non-medication methods for better efficiency. If you haven’t had the experience in caring the baby in his first period of life, contact the doctor for more help. He will give you the best guides to deal with all emergencies.

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