How to Have A Healthy Pregnancy

How to Have A Healthy Pregnancy

How to Have A Healthy Pregnancy

All of the mothers always want to bring the best things to their babies. One fact is that a mom in good emotion and physical will have healthy babies. This is the reason why keeping healthy during pregnancy is an important requirement. It contributes remarkably to the development of the baby during pregnancy and in the future. There is a variety of factors affecting your health, such as diet, exercises, and other activities. Following our guides below will help you know how to have a healthy pregnancy.

  1. Regularly See The Doctor

After finding out that you are in pregnancy, you should contact your doctors to get prenatal care. The health centers have modern equipment to help you have the best advice from the beginning. Feel ready to experience tests or ultrasound scans as the recommendations from the doctors. This is an important requirement responding to the question how to have a healthy pregnancy.

  1. Have Good Diet

What you eat will put an impact on your health. Discover how to have a healthy pregnancy by getting a good diet. It is advisable for you to keep the healthy diet while pregnant. Healthy foods for a good meal should come with a plenty of proteins and carbohydrates. They could be listed here; including fruits, vegetables, whole grain, fish, eggs, meat, etc…These types of foods offer the excellent reservation of energy for both moms and babies. Remember that fish plays an important role in providing Omega 3, minerals, protein and vitamin D to the growth of babies. Some mothers often make a mistake that eating in pregnancy is for two people. However, you only need remaining the intake of calories in the first 6 months. In the last period, add extra 200 calories to your daily meals.

  1. Get Right Prenatal Supplements

Prenatal supplements add necessary nutrients that you can be a lack of while pregnant, including vitamin D and folic acid. It is very useful for women who are suffering from vomiting in the first period of pregnancy. In this important time, you will need 400 micrograms of folic acid, 200 micrograms of DHA and 10 micrograms of vitamin D. They help ensure that you have enough nutrients for the development of your babies. Remember to ask the opinions of doctors before taking any supplement. You can purchase each type of supplement at the drug store. Another type of food can add the extra supplements to your body like fish oil. Avoid fish liver oil because it may contain vitamin A, which is unhealthy in pregnancy.

  1. Be Smart In Choosing and Eating Foods

Not all types of foods are recommended for women in pregnancy. Some foods may contain harmful elements that affect the health of moms and babies. You should avoid eating soft cheese, unpasteurized milk, pate, raw shellfish, meat or eggs. Moreover, keep in mind that food hygiene is always in the first concern of pregnancy. Wash carefully your hands after touching raw poultry.

To avoid infection caused by improper eating, you had better follow these steps below. The first necessary thing is cooking food evenly. Besides, wash carefully fruits before eating. The next step is using gloves when gardening or doing other household chores.

  1. Do Exercises Regularly

It is evidence that low-impact exercises bring ultimate benefits to you. Regular doing exercises not only helps you enhance your endurance in working but also strengthen your muscles. It also brings the positive feelings to women in an effective way. For women care much about weight, exercise is a good way for them to keep the shape. You could start doing these exercises at the beginning of pregnancy such as yoga, swimming, jogging or brisk walking. Avoid activities that might put pressure on your joints and muscles like football. With 30 minutes per day for doing exercises, you can contribute remarkably to improve your health and your babies’. Keep in mind that stretching before doing exercises is essential in protecting you from pressure or injuries. A bottle of cold water is your good companion while doing exercises. It makes you cool by reducing the chance of overheating.

  1. Avoid Drinking Alcohol And Caffeine

Alcohol and caffeine are extremely dangerous stimulants in pregnancy. They may cause miscarriage and birth defects. Therefore, you should avoid drinking these stimulants as soon as possible when knowing you are in pregnancy. Good alternatives you can enjoy instead of caffeine and alcohol are fruit juice or fruit teas.

  1. Say No With Smoking

Stop smoking from now on if you do not want to put your babies under the risk of miscarriage, low birth weight and premature birth. Other common complications in smoking women are vomiting, nausea, placental abruption, and ectopic pregnancy.

  1. Relax

It is advisable for you to spend time for relaxing and sleeping. You had better try to sleep at least 8 hours per night and a short nap in the afternoon. If you find hard to fall asleep, try some light exercises. It might be yoga, massage, and deep breathe, stretching as well as visualizing. Avoid using sleeping pills without the approvals of doctors. To reduce the fatigue of a backache, bend your knees and lie on the left side. You will need the support from a soft pillow for more comfort. Doing exercise is another way to help you relieve a backache in pregnancy and have good sleep.

In addition, getting rid of morning sickness is possible thanks to short walking at the midnight. You need spending 5 to 10 minutes to walk at night and see the better results on the next morning.

  1. Check Your Weight

Gaining weight is a common issue in all pregnant women. It contributes in helping you know how to have a healthy pregnancy. By calculating BMI, you could decide the ideal weight to reach in the pregnancy. For instance, obese women have above 30 of BMI and need gaining 11 to 20 pounds. This weight must be higher in overweight women from 15 to 25 pounds, 25 to 35 pounds in normal-weight women and 28 to 40 pounds in underweight women.

Have A Healthy Pregnancy

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