How to Help Your Baby Walk

How to Help Your Baby Walk

As parents, you always try to understand the world of your babies, including how to help your baby walk. The normal time for a baby to develop in this period is from 10 to 18 months. Before walking, the little ones have to go through a progress of many steps such as crawling, pulling and cruising. Remember that the walking ability of each baby is different from each other. Then, do not worry if your babies tend to walk later than their friends do at the same age. The responsibility of parents is encouraging and helping babies practice this skill as much as possible.

How to Help Your Baby Walk

  1. Teach Your Baby to Stand

Standing is the first part of how to help your baby walk. It is a compulsory requirement for each baby to improve his leg muscles. All you need to do is allowing your baby to bounce on your leg. This plays an important role in supporting the development of your babies, even they just start pulling or crawling. To enhance the motor skill of your babies, you had better teach them how to bend their knees. Perhaps parents need buying a bouncy chair to strengthen the leg muscles of babies.

According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, you should not purchase walkers for your baby because these tools may cause to several issues in back and motor skill. Using walkers is also a risk for rolling down stairs. Moreover, a good way that many moms often do to encourage their babies to stand is using a toy that is above babies and encouraging them to reach. After that, help your babies practice to sit down by simple techniques, including bending knees slowly and safely.

  1. Teach Your Baby to Cruise

For more safety, place your furniture in a right order that your babies can walk around easily. It is advisable for you to arrange everything in your home correctly to avoid new hazards or heights. Babies tend to touch almost objects in the room such as a table, a chair; a TV, etc…Hold your babies’ hands before allowing your babies to walk by themselves.

In addition, a push toy is a good recommendation for competent cruising. For babies who start cruising, choose a push toy without wheels. When they are familiar with cruising skill and push toy, a push toy associating with wheels is the better option. It offers the great balance for each time of walking. Make sure that the push toy is always in good condition with the sturdy design and good grip.


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Help your baby pull up in a standing posture. This helps straight your baby legs and avoids bowing legs. You should always use your hands to support your babies’ weight. Then, babies will walk around everywhere they want with your help.

Prove that you always stand by your babies by giving necessary praises by clapping or positive shouting. Most of the babies love praises because this presents that they do this task well. Some parents often let their babies wear indoor walking shoes when babies cruise. An investment in the indoor walking shoes is unnecessary because it doesn’t contribute anything to the cruising process. Barefoot is the best option in this case. You should make sure that the floor is safe and non-slipping. By following this way, babies can strengthen gradually different parts such as ankles, arches, feet, etc…They provide the basic standard to improve the coordination and balance of your babies. If you choose shoes for your babies to walk outdoor, you should pay attention to lightweight models for easy moving around. Tall booties are not helpful for your ankles because they limit the ability to move.

Allow your babies to practice standing or walking when they want. Strong force may make them scare and slow down their walking process.

  1. Guide Your Baby to Walk

It is time for your babies to stand and walk on their own feet. You can encourage them to stand or walk by introducing funny games. Spend time sitting on the floor with your babies. Give them praises if they can keep balance for a while.

Some parents may find it challengeable to encourage their babies to walk. For babies who like sitting than walking, offering a comfortable standing position is a good choice. You could stand in front of your babies and encourage them to walk toward you. This gives them enough confidence and motivation to walk the next steps. As you know, the first steps are very important in babies’ life. Cheer your babies from the first steps they can walk. It implies that you are approval of what your babies are doing.


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When the little ones practice walking, they have to deal with fall or dive. They often bump into the objects in front of them. Let this happen in a natural and safe way. These falls teach babies how to walk by themselves. It is not as easy as walking with the help from moms or dads.

  1. Praise Your Baby When He Can Walk

Depending on particular personalities and body weights of each baby, they have different milestones of walking. Therefore, do not have to worry if your baby cannot walk as soon as other babies. For instance, premature babies will meet more difficulties when walking than full-term ones. You should avoid putting high pressure on your babies if they do not reach the successful steps.

  1. Precautions

You had better put some important things below into your mind when learning how to help your baby walk. Following these requirements helps your babies avoid injuries in the future.

  • Firstly, lock the gates of the stairs to prevent your babies to climb on stairs.
  • Remove all dangerous objects out of your room such as easy to topple furniture, low tables, loose carpet, sharp items, etc…

All in all, be patient when learning how to help your baby walk. Each baby has different time of standing and walking. All you need to do is encouraging your little ones in the right way.

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