How To Keep Baby Warm At Night

How To Keep Baby Warm At Night

We all know that babies are very sensitive to the changes of weather and other external factors. Knowing how to keep baby warm at night is an important task to protect him/her from being ill. If your baby does not get enough warmth, he may suffer from the weakness in the immune system and other serious diseases. According to the health providers, there are many effective ways to keep the baby warm when sleeping at night. Keep on reading and decide the most effective methods for you and your baby.

How to Keep Baby Warm at Night

  1. Create a Cozy Sleep Room

The first important recommendation is creating a cozy environment for sleeping. There are numerous items for supporting this task. They could be listed here, including a firm mattress, a soft flannel fitted sheet, footed sleepers, and a bodysuit. Each of them plays an important role in building up an ideal environment for the little ones.

Discover how to keep baby warm at night by using these useful items. If your baby sleeps in a crib, you should cover it by using a flannel fitted sheet. Combine using the flannel fitted sheet with a firm mattress for higher efficiency. A firm mattress is a great option with the high capability of reducing SIDS. This helps add extra comfort when lying in the crib. For the greater warmth, footed sleepers are ideal options. A bodysuit is responsible for keeping the baby warm from head to toe.

On the other hand, choose the right crib is another critical requirement for having deep sleep. The distance from the bars should be suitable, not too wide or narrow. This protects the baby from sticking. Remove all dangerous objects out of the crib before laying the baby down. You must pay attention to a Children’s Product Certificate (CPC) when selecting a crib for the baby. This certification meets the safety standards of a high-quality crib.

When it comes to using the crib, try to keep it always clean as much as possible. Some items that may cause danger to the baby include loose materials, blankets, toys and even a pillow. Therefore, remember to pick them out of the crib for enhancing the safety to your lovely babies.

  1. Use A Sack

If you don’t want to use a blanket for your baby, other alternative options include a wearable blanket or a sack. A question raised in our mind is how to keep baby warm at night with these tools. They are supportive in covering the body of your baby without restricting his arms. The sack is sleeveless for creating the comfort of sleeping. Try not to make the sacks and the blankets tangled before use.

  1. Wear Pajamas

The next popular recommendation many parents often use is letting the baby wear pajamas or a skullcap. The followings will focus on how to keep baby warm at night by wearing the pajamas. For more protection, you had better purchase pajamas with feet. The pajamas should be lightweight and comfortable as well. Clothing with different layers is a good choice. It makes you feel convenient when adding or removing any layer. Try it now!

  1. Take Advantage of A Space Heater

If the room is too cold, you could take advantage of a space heater. Ensure that the heater is fireproof for more safety. Moreover, place the space heater in a safe position to protect your baby from burning, especially the ones who start crawling.

Tips and Warnings

In addition to these common methods above, you can try a hot water bottle, a microwaveable bag or a heating pad to warm the baby’s room. They work actively in dealing with the special cold temperature. Remember to remove them out of the baby’s bed before laying the baby down.

Keep in mind that you should not let the baby lie on his tummy to avoid sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The best position for the baby to sleep is on his back, which helps maximize the comfort and reduce the risk of SIDS. Don’t put pillows or toys around the baby’s face to avoid this danger. Moreover, keeping the room warm is very essential, but do not make it overheating. One fact is that the baby often has higher body temperature than adults. This is the reason why he does not actually need bundling too much. Your baby tends to feel comfortable with the same amount of coverings you use. Remain the temperature of the baby’s room from 70 to 72 degrees F. Here is the idealist room temperature for keeping the baby warm at night.

You should keep an eye on the little baby for checking he gets enough warmth or not. If the baby comes with cool legs and arms, blotchy skin and cool cheek, it means he needs more warmth. All you need to do in this situation is covering his feet and head by using suitable tools. For example, wear socks on the baby’s feet and a hat on his head. To contrast, remove a layer of clothing once the baby has sweat or damp.

You should ensure that the clothes of your baby are breathable without the accumulation of moisture. High level of moisture causes overheating, even in the low temperature. Remove or change a layer of clothes for the great breathability on the skin. These methods are very helpful in protecting the baby from overheating. As you know, overheating is the reason causing to dehydration and even SIDS. In case the weather is warm, the baby just requires a diaper or a lightweight layer of clothes.

Keep Baby Warm At Night

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All in all, learning how to keep baby warm at night is a good way to protect the general health of the baby in cold weather. You should set up the crib in a suitable way for maximizing the baby’s comfort and safety. By following these steps, it helps create a cozy sleeping environment, which brings the happiness to both you and your baby.

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