How to Keep Baby Warm in Crib

How To Keep Baby Warm In Crib

As parents, you should know how to keep baby warm in crib in a safe way. Proper methods contribute to support the sleep of the baby by making him feel comfortable and warm. However, one of the most important requirements is ensuring the safety of the little ones while keeping them warm. There are numerous factors affecting the sleep quality of your baby, including the position, the body temperature and the surface for sleeping. If you know correctly the ways to keep baby warm in the crib, you can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Keep on reading and decide the best methods for you and your baby.

How to Keep Baby Warm in Crib

  1. Make The Baby Room Warm

The first requirement is creating a cozy room for the baby to get better sleep. Now we will tell you how to keep baby warm in crib in an efficient way. The idealist temperature of your baby’s room should change from 68 to 72°F (20-22.2°C). Make sure that the room is warm enough for maximizing the comfort and the healthy sleeping environment for the baby.

Another necessary step is placing the crib in the right position. The crib’s position affects strongly the heat your baby may get. Therefore, choosing the most appropriate position for the baby crib is an essential task. You had better keep the crib safe from heaters, fans, windows or air vents. Remain several feet between the crib and these items. This helps ensure your baby is not being too cold or hot. Besides, you should keep the baby far away from windows to protect the little one from the wind. You can make use of curtain cords to minimize the danger of the baby from the hazard.

There are some important requirements for owning a high-quality crib. The good crib should come with clear certification for offering high safety to the little ones. The distance between bars must be appropriate without being too narrow or wide. This helps protect the baby from sticking while sleeping in the crib. You had better select the crib with certification. It guarantees to bring the solid surface for sleeping thanks to the excellent stability. In addition, it is advisable for you not to sleep in the same bed with parents to avoid overheating and smothering.

The material of the baby’s mattress affects his sleep quality. A mattress for a baby should not too plush and soft. This is because this type of material may cause the risk of SIDS. One effective way to keep the baby warm in the crib is making use of a tight flannel sheet. Don’t choose bunched sheet because it increases the chance of choking.

There are several other options to help you know how to keep baby warm in crib. If the baby room is too cold, you can make it warmer by heating the pad and placing a hot water bottle on the crib. Move the bottle out before you lay the baby down. This way is very effective in supporting the sleep of your baby without any requirement of using heavy blankets. Instead, let the baby wear breathable pajama for getting the highest comfort.

One fact is that you should not use an electric blanket for your baby. This protects the little one from overheating.

  1. Wear Suitable Outfit for The Baby

Another important requirement for keeping the baby warm in the crib is selecting the right outfit for him. The followings will teach you how to keep baby warm in crib. Pajamas are a good choice with the excellent warmth and comfort. Most of the pajamas are lightweight; therefore, they keep the baby warm without overheating.

You can swaddle your baby in a proper way for keeping him warm. This is a good method to ensure the normal temperature of the baby’s body. Some common tools to help you do this task well include a soft square blanket and closures. There is no challenge when swaddling your baby. All you need is folding different corners of the blanket toward the triangle shape. Then, lay your baby down and use the blanket to cover all of his body parts from the chest. Remember to let the arms of your baby free when swaddling. Don’t tighten the baby too much because it may cause SIDS.

For protecting the health of your baby, you should make the crib clean without clutter. Avoid putting toys and other items in the crib before laying down the baby. This is one of the main reasons causing to overheating, which leads to SIDS. Take care of your baby to ensure that his temperature does not exceed 100 °F (37.7 °C).  In the normal room temperature, you need wearing one diaper or one layer of clothes on the baby.

Tips and Warnings

There are numerous alternatives for keeping the warmth of your baby. One of the best ways is using an adjustable down sleep sack. With the high adjustability, this sleep sack fits babies at different ages. You could feel rest assured about the safety of using this sack. It comes with a two-way zipper for the great breathability. Remember to choose the sleep sack associating with sleeveless for protecting the little ones from overheating.

Some important things you should keep in mind to keep the baby far away from the risk of SIDS. Avoid using loose blankets to cover the baby because it may stop him from breathing.

Keep Baby Warm in Crib

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In conclusion, learning how to keep baby warm in crib is very necessary for most of the parents to be. By keeping the little ones warm in an effective way, it helps protect them from suffocation. All you need to do is following these recommendations above in the correct order. Moreover, it is advisable for you not to overheat the baby with many layers of clothes.

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