How to Lose Weight While Pregnant

How to Lose Weight While Pregnant

During pregnancy, one of the most common problems that most of the women have to deal with is being overweight or obese. This is a must-have to welcome a baby. There are several effective ways for you to lose weight and get health benefits. They prove that knowing how to lose weight while pregnant is possible and beneficial. Keep on reading and discover helpful methods that you can apply for yourself.

As you know, obesity while pregnant is the reason causing to some risks such as stillbirth and premature birth. It also causes dangerous disease in a baby like heart defects. Besides, obese mothers may be suffered from blood clots, high blood pressure, heart defects or gestational diabetes. This requires you to have the appropriate ways to lose weight without harming your babies.

How to Lose Weight While Pregnant

The followings are what you could do to lose some pounds of weight in pregnancy.

  1. Know The Weight You Should Reach

Firstly, knowing the weight you should reach during pregnancy is an important requirement. You can get the result based on body mass index (BMI) calculator. If this index is above 30, you should gain 5 to 9kg of weight. 7 to 11kg of weight gain is suitable for women with the BMI from 25 to 29.9. For normal-weight women with BMI from 18.5 to 24.9, they need gaining 11 to 16kg. In case you have more than one baby, remember to supply enough calories to them.

  1. Cut Down The Intakes Of Calories

Another efficient way to lose weight is cutting down the intake of calories. Do you know that overeating is a reason causing to overweight? Overeating here means exceeding the amount of actual calories you need. Discover how to lose weight while pregnant as below.

If you want to lose 1 pound in a week, you should try to burn 500 calories each day. You will need the support from a dietician to calculate the calories you take every day. Check the nutritional level of foods from the restaurants or food centers. However, remember that you will need at least 1.700 calories per day in the pregnancy. This offers a great reservation of nutrients to both moms and babies. It is quite challengeable for you to start cutting down the calories of foods at the first time. There are several ways to help you reach this purpose. You can reduce the spices in foods, say no with fatty and unhealthy foods, enjoy water instead of soft drinks and eat a large portion of fresh vegetables. Besides, keep in mind that prenatal vitamins play an important role in nourishing your babies and your body. Essential prenatal vitamins include folic acid, calcium, iron, omega 3, and more. You should not get excessively vitamin K, E, D and A that may be harmful to your health.

  1. Divide Your Diet into Small Meals

To avoid vomiting in pregnancy, you had better divide your diet into different small meals. This makes how to lose weight while pregnant become easier. Instead of eating 3 main times per day, add 2 or 3 extra snacks to your daily meals. Some types of healthy snacks for you to try are yogurt, boiled eggs, whole grains, soy milk, nuts or fruit sorbet. Remember to use fruit juice instead of sugary drinks. Here is a good way to help you manage your diet well and support your digestion. Feel comfortable to have your meals in this way.

  1. Do Appropriate Exercises

Finally, light exercise is one of the best ways to improve the general health of women in pregnancy. In addition to the function of helping you lose weight, doing exercise brings you a good sleep and emotional health. It also contributes to relieve aches in pregnancy and high risk of complications. Let’s spend about 30 minutes per day to do your favorite exercises and enjoy their wonderful benefits. Actually, you need the recommendations from doctors before getting involved in any type of exercise. You should avoid high impact exercises that put bad impact on your babies such as basketball, skiing, kickboxing, horseback riding and scuba diving. Try low-impact activities that are beneficial and safe for pregnant women like walking, gardening, jogging and prenatal yoga. If you find any symptom of vaginal bleeding or water breaking, stop doing these exercises.

How to control weight gain during pregnancy

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Safety and Precautions

It is advisable for you to ask the doctors before trying a diet. They will give you the best advice to control your weight in a healthy way. On the other hand, refer to other people if they have experience in this field. One fact is that gaining weight is a compulsory factor in all women in their pregnancy. This helps supply enough minerals, vitamins, and calories to nourish the little ones. More specifically, it is necessary for underweight women to gain 13 to 18kg during their pregnancy. This number will decrease in normal-weight women with 11 to 16kg, 7 to 11kg in overweight women and 5 to 9kg in obese women.

Although it is not recommended for you to lose weight in pregnancy, weight loss often happens in pregnant women in their first time of pregnancy. Don’t have to worry if you are in trouble of vomiting or nausea during your trimester. In this time, babies still can get enough calories through the reservation of calories in moms’ fat tissue. This common condition makes women difficult to keep their eaten foods.

All in all, knowing how to lose weight while pregnant helps you protect your babies and your health as well. For more safety, ask the opinions of doctors before making any weight loss plan. It is advisable for you to manage your weight rather than lose weight in this period. Cutting down calories and doing exercises are two most popular methods of losing weight nowadays. Nevertheless, remember not to overdo these ways because they might affect seriously to your babies.

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