How To Make A Baby Sneeze

How To Make A Baby Sneeze

Babies easily suffer from a stuffy nose, which affects badly their daily activities. Because they are too small to know how to clear their noses, this issue may last longer and make baby feel uncomfortable. Improper methods of treating stuffy nose might cause to serious consequences. It requires parents to acknowledge themselves about how to make a baby sneeze in the right way. There are several effective ways to deal with this common problem. The followings provide all you need to know to help the little ones overcome the difficulty of a stuffy nose.

How to Make a Baby Sneeze

  1. Use Saline Spray or Drops

Saline drops have the excellent capability in reducing the symptom of a stuffy nose. Learn how to make a baby sneeze by using saline spray and drops. All you need to do is selecting the appropriate saline spray and drops for your baby. This helps protect the little ones from unexpected irritation. Depending on the adaptability of your baby with each type of saline, you could have a right decision in using spray or drops. Both of these types have the same role of supporting your breath, removing congestion and reducing mucus.

Each stuffy nose condition of your baby needs the special treatment. For example, you can create a mixture of salt, warm water, and baking soda to treat allergies and illness. This mixture is called isotonic solutions that have the same level of salt in comparison with our body cells and blood. Remember to mix them with the appropriate amount, including ½ a teaspoon of salt, a glass of warm water and a little baking soda.

Besides, if your baby suffers from chronic congestion, you should apply hypertonic solutions. This type of solution comes with the higher amount of salt than our blood and cells. It contains 1.25 teaspoons of salt, 1 glass of warm water and a ¼ spoon of baking soda.

Remember to wash your hands carefully for limiting the development of germs in the baby’s nose. You had better use water and soap to clean your hands. Another great alternative option for soap is using an alcohol sanitizer. Keep in mind that hand washing is always better in all situations. Apply alcohol only when you could not clean your hands.

Choosing the comfortable position for your baby is another effective requirement. Ideally, lay the baby down on a firm surface or keep him in your arms. After giving the drops to your baby, remain this position of your baby at least 5 minutes. Then, add about 2 to 3 drops of saline to each nostril of the baby’s nose. If you use a spray, try to use it one or two times.

  1. Try a Nasal Aspirator

It is easy to find out the best nasal aspirator among a variety of options. The followings tell you how to make a baby sneeze with a nasal aspirator. For the better effectiveness, you should combine using the aspirator with suitable solutions or sprays. One of the most popular aspirators on the market is NoseFrida Aspirator. There is no challenge in using this aspirator. Insert the tip of the aspirator into your baby’s nose and suck the mucus. Be careful when touching the nasal cavity of your baby. By losing the mucus in the baby’s nose, saline drops help clear his nose in an efficient way.

Many mothers choose the bulb aspirator because of its great ease of use. Like other aspirators, you need putting the tip into your baby’s nose. Then, squeeze this aspirator and remove the mucus. Repeat this step several times to deal with thick mucus.

After using the aspirator, it is advisable for you to clean it completely with soap and hot water. For instance, create a mixture of soap and warm water. Then, soak the tip of the Bulb Aspirator into the mixture. Shake strongly the aspirator to remove all mucus. Similarly, NoseFrida needs disassembling

  1. Apply Spices

If your baby tends to feel uncomfortable with these solutions above, you should try a good choice from nature. Typical spices for stimulating the baby to sneeze are coriander and pepper. However, ask the opinions from doctors before trying this method. This is because pepper may lead to irritation in the skin of your baby.

To do this method, you need crushing the pepper in a small cup. Then, place it in front of the baby’s nose. Make sure that your hands are completely clean before you bring it closer to the baby.

  1. Add More Carbonated Beverages

Consider the age of your baby before trying this method. In case the baby is too small to drink this type of beverage, let him smell its flavor. When the little one smells the beverage, it inspires the fizzy feeling and enables the baby to sneeze.

  1. Tickle The Baby’s Nose

It is amazing that tickling inside the nose of your baby can encourage him to sneeze. Some helpful tools for supporting this task include a feather or a soft tissue paper. Try these items and you will see the surprising results. Here is how to make a baby sneeze by using a feather or other soft materials.

Your responsibility is using a soft feather and wiggling it into the nose of your baby. Avoid using sharp objects because they may cause danger to your baby. Another effective choice is using peppermint to encourage the baby to sneeze.

Make A Baby Sneeze

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As parents, you should know how to make a baby sneeze in an effective way. Stuffy nose is a common problem of babies in their first period of life. Therefore, don’t have to worry so much about this issue. There are many effective ways for you to try at home to reach the best results. All you need to do is conducting the most suitable and safe methods for your baby. If you have any troubles when enabling the baby to sneeze, contact to the doctors.

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