How To Make A Positive Pregnancy Test

How To Make A Positive Pregnancy Test

Getting a positive pregnancy test is the happiness of most of the parents. It remarks the birth of a baby in the future. To check whether you are in pregnancy or not, you must use pregnancy tests. Pregnancy tests are responsible for recognizing human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in pregnant women. This hormone will be produced when you are pregnant. For some people, trying to know how to make a positive pregnancy test has some meanings. Some of them think that tests are just fun, whereas, the others want to make their friends believe that it is true. Ensure that your test will not make people feel hurt in all cases.

How To Make A Positive Pregnancy Test

  1. Purchase A Pregnancy Test

The first important requirement is purchasing a pregnancy test from the drugstore. Remember to select the one with high simplicity, including lines or the signals of a plus and a minus. You can make sure that everything happens naturally with the preparation of more than one pregnancy test.

  1. Draw A Maker On the Pregnancy Test

Observe the test lines’ color and make a marker with the similar color. After sticking the test into your urine, wait in a day until it dry. Then, use a sharp object to make the test case open. It is time for you to create a positive line that is similar to the marker above. Try to close the test case by the support of the necessary glue.

  1. Hit The Stick Test

To get the temporarily positive result, you had better make use of a blow dryer to hit the pregnancy test. The cheap pregnancy test is acceptable. After peeing on the stick, you must use a blow dryer to hit it at high temperature within some minutes. The positive line can appear and last for 2 to 3 days.

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  1. Dip The Pregnancy Test In Cola

All you need is having a clean pregnancy test and a cup of cola liquid. It is easy to create the cola liquid by mixing the cola powder with the appropriate amount of water. The cola will become a great environment to dip the stick. Wait for 3 minutes and you will see the positive result. This helps answer the question how to make a positive pregnancy test in a quick way.

  1. Use The Urine of A pregnant Friend To Test

One of the best ways to have the exactly positive pregnancy test is asking your pregnant friend to pee on the stick. This is because pregnant women have a high level of hCG in their urine, an element helps turn the regular pregnancy lines to the positive ones. The positive result will be more exact when your friend is more than 6 weeks of pregnancy. One fact is that some soon tests will bring the negative results. Moreover, some women have the habit of keeping their positive pregnancy test. Ask for borrowing if you want to have the immediate results.

  1. Make Use Of Expired Pregnancy Tests

It is hard to find out an expired pregnancy test at the stores. Therefore, it requires you to ask your friends about an old pregnancy test. Many women get the positive result from an expired pregnancy test. If you want to make a fake positive result, you should try to own the expired ones.

  1. Add Chemicals In Urine

According to the instructions from the manufacturer, you must use a clean cup to keep your urine. As you know, contamination is the reason might cause to fake positive result. If you use a dirty cup with soap or detergents inside, the soap may change your test result. A simple way to have a false positive pregnancy test in this way is peeing in the cup and adding a few detergents into your urine. After dipping the test stick in the urine, wait some minutes to get the positive result.

  1. Make A Test In Your Cycle

The pregnancy test may be made false if it sticks blood. Therefore, let’s make a test in this period. We ensure that you will get the positive result as you expected.

  1. Wait for The Pregnancy Test Dry

Another effective method is letting your pregnancy test dry in some days. The drier the pregnancy test, the darker the evaporation lines will be. These lines look like the realistic ones and your lovers might be fooled by their results. However, they are easily faded in a quick time. It requires you to use the test as soon as possible.

  1. Use Ovulation Predictor Kit

You should apply this method in the 12th or 14th days from your period to get the exact result. The result will be positive as you get ovulation. This is a simple way to help you know how to make a positive pregnancy test.

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Tips and Warnings

If you want to get the actual pregnant result, the first thing to keep in mind is deciding properly your cycle. According to the recommendation from doctors, women easily get pregnant before their ovulation. During this time, the egg is mature and moves to the Fallopian tube for the ready fertilization. The cervical mucus is in charge of helping the sperm to meet the egg. It is unchallengeable to predict your cycle as a rule. It often repeats within 28 to 30 days. The lifespan of a mature egg is normally from 12 to 24 hours. The best chance for getting a positive pregnancy result is the intercourse at the 9th day of your menstrual period. For women who have 28 days of the ovulation, they had better try to have sex in the 12th, 14th or 16th. Do not make frequent intercourse to avoid the decrease in the sperm of men.

Perhaps you will need a thermometer to know the time of your ovulation. The thermometer is very efficient in recognizing the pregnant progesterone hormone in your body. It is advisable for you to use this tool in the early morning. Here is a good way to support how to make a positive pregnancy test.

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