How to Make Diaper Cake for Baby Shower

How to Make Diaper Cake for Baby Shower

As parents, we always want to bring the best things to our babies. Knowing how to make diaper cake for baby shower is a wonderful gift for the little ones in their birthday. In fact, the diaper cake is a fun collection of necessary things for the baby such as diapers, toys, washcloths, wooden dowels, etc…With the shape of a cake; it attracts most of the attentions at the first glance. The benefits of making diaper cake are its affordable price as well as the great ease and long time of use. Moreover, it gives you a chance to express your creativity and your love in the cake. Keep on reading and discover the simple instructions for owning a nice diaper cake.

How to Make Diaper Cake for Baby Shower

  1. Rolled up Diaper Cakes

The first type we would like to introduce to you is a rolled-up diaper cake. Before making this special cake, you should prepare some necessary items for baby, including diapers, toys; rattles, etc…Other tools for decorating the cake are a cardboard, a pencil, rubber bands, paper towel, and scissors. These things are available in many shops and stores. Remember to choose 2 sizes of diaper because the baby grows day by day. To make the cake funny and eye-catching, select the diapers with colorful appearance.

Are you ready to learn how to make diaper cake for baby shower? Let’s start now. All you need to do is rolling up the diaper from the open to the waistband. After the diaper looks like a cylinder, secure it tightly with attractive rubber bands. For more beauty, apply this rolling method to the washcloths.

The next step is securing more than 7 rolled-up diapers together toward a circle. Choose a center diaper and place other diapers around it. You need using a colorful rubber band to secure all of the diapers and keep them at the same distance.

Then, you must make the centerpiece for the diaper cake by a bottle or long rolled-up diaper. Place more than 15 rolled up diapers around the cake’s centerpiece. Continue to use a large rubber band to secure all of them. Besides, a base created by a toy or baby clothes should be solid with the support of a middle layer. Place 30 rolled-up diapers around the centerpiece and use a rubber band to secure them.

Some wooden dowels are very effective in securing the base layer. Insert gently them on the layer top. Then, you should place two layers of the diaper cake on its base without going through the diapers.

  1. Wrap Around Diaper Cakes

Many moms prefer this method because of the simplicity and time saving. This method requires you to let the paper towels stand upright on a flat surface. The cake centerpiece will be made from rolled up paper towels. The towels are responsible for keeping the layers securely. Another alternative option for creating the centerpiece is using a baby lotion or a big bottle. However, among all of them, rolled paper towels seem to be the simplest method.

After taking all diapers out of the package, you should make them flatten. Put a diaper in the right position of parallel lying on the paper towels. Overlap this diaper by another new one. You need applying this method many times to have the most favorite size of the bottom layer. Keep in mind that the base layer is always bigger than other two layers.

In order to secure the strength of the base layer, you need using a large rubber band to hold all of the diapers together. Ask someone for help when necessary. Then, place the diapers around the rolled paper towel. Repeat these steps several times to create two layers. The sizes of different layers should be gradually small from the base to the top.

  1. How to Decorate The Diaper Cake

You will need the support of a cardboard to make the cake base. Measure the correct size of the base by placing the cake on a cardboard. Then, remove the cake out of the cardboard. Use a pencil to outline the size of the base and use scissors to cut the cardboard according to the circle line. If you do not have a cardboard, look for other great items to place the cake such as a pizza pan and a plastic tray.

Although you have secured each layer by the rubber bands, you should cover them again with a ribbon. Cut the ribbon and overlap its two ends for more solid design.

It is time for you to take advantage of fake flowers to decorate the cake. Put these flowers on the top of each layer. You can find out other decorative items at the craft stores. Now you have a beautiful diaper cake for your little ones.

To make the cake new, wrap gently it by netting or cellophane. Use a bow or stuffed animals to tie the large netting.

Make Diaper Cake for Baby Shower

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Important Tips

The number of diapers can be changed depending on the way you secure them and their brands. Each brand offers the particular size of diapers. Your diaper cake should combine both size 1 and size 2 for more convenience. For instance, size 1 allows you to use the diaper immediately, whereas, size 2 is larger and longer for use.

Cloth diapers are very useful in protecting the environment. Because of high cost and the reusable function, a cloth diaper cake will be smaller than the normal ones.

In conclusion, it is so fantastic to know how to make diaper cake for baby shower. Mother to be will feel interested in doing this task. By following these simple steps, you can make this wonderful gift for the babies in their special days. Instead of purchasing a diaper cake at the stores with $200, you can make it by yourself with the reasonable price from $20 to $30. Hope you succeed.

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