How To Make Green Beans Baby Food

How To Make Green Beans Baby Food

Today, we are going to go over how to make green beans baby food so as to give your baby the wonderful meal every day. As a parent of a new baby, the most exciting time is watching them eat their first food. Therefore, my below recipes will maximize your passion in the kitchen.

Green beans are considered as naturally sweet and delicious food to introduce to your baby. In addition, they are actually great for the baby circulatory and nerves system. They also help with the baby bowel function, the liver as well as pancreas development.

How to make green beans baby food

  1. Green beans puree

Now, before knowing how to make green beans baby food, we can have a look at some supplies that you are going to need. You will need a blender, a pot with lid, a spoon, a steamer basket, a measuring cup, a knife or cutting shear, a cutting board together with around two and a half to three cups of water.

First of all, add the steamer basket into the pot. You are going to add some water and make sure that the water level is right underneath this steamer basket. Once you verify the water level, go ahead and remove this steamer basket. Then, put the lid on the top of the pot and turn the heat on to medium level. When waiting for the water, we are going to prepare the green beans by cutting the ends off. After that, add the green beans to your steamer basket. You can either use a knife to cut the ends off or you can use the kitchen shear to clip off all of the pointy little ends.

Moreover, you need to wash them afterwards. When you finish your cutting work, you just need to add the steamer basket with green beans into the preheated pots and make sure to cover it with the lid. You are recommended to cook around seven to ten minutes or until you can poke the fork through easily. After this stage, you can remove this steamer basket out of the pot and let it cool. Then, add the green beans into the blender and pour some water from the pot where the green beans were cooked in. Remember that there are a lot of vitamins as well as nutrition in that water. The amount of water that you are going to use is completely up to the texture that your baby needs.

As a consequence, to ensure the amount, just add in small increments. At this moment, you can turn on the blender and you can have the finished product in the end. You should look for the chunks of green beans so as to make sure it is fully pureed for your baby. You can store the green bean puree in the ice scoops overnight and when it is finish freezing, you can transfer them into Ziploc bags.

  1. Green beans and sweet peas puree

In order to provide more nutrition for your baby, you can steam sweet peas and green beans for about five minutes in a steamer pot or with anything you have got around your house. Remember that you just need to cook them with a little bit of water at the bottom until they are nicely cooked. After that, you can put the green beans and sweet peas into the blender, which seems to follow the similar process to the first recipe.

Furthermore, do not forget the valuable amount of warm steaming water, you can put a little in the blender as well since that is going to help to make the mixture nice and creamy. Now, all you have to do is mix them up in the blender. The great thing about this recipe is that because the peas have a nice creamy texture that is how the puree is going to turn out. Besides, this combination is really high in protein. When you can see the beautiful bright green color, this can become the perfect first food for your little baby.

  1. Green beans and papaya puree

Going to the next recipe, we are going to learn how to make green beans baby food combined with papaya. You may not know that papaya can play a big role in providing creaminess and stringy texture to the green beans. As a result, these two will become a great hit when being mixed with each other. With the previous instructions, you can know what to do with green beans, so that I will give some guidance for a papaya now. Firstly, you need to remove the skin by using the peeler and then, slice the fruit into pieces. After that, you need to put the steamed green beans as well as sliced papaya into the blender. To achieve the desired consistency during the blending process, you can pour some steaming water into the blender for sure.

  1. Green beans and pear puree

Last but not least, pears are widely regarded as sweet and tasty fruit, which is a perfect choice for those babies who are suffering from reflux. Moreover, this fruit is fully packed with fiber as well as vitamin C, so that when combining with green beans, you can create a nutritious mixture which is high in calcium and vitamin. Firstly, you need to chop the pears into small cubes and then, steam them with green beans together in about eight minutes. After cooling them for a while, you can put the steamed pears and green beans into the blender. As always, add some water to ensure the smooth texture after all.

Make Green Beans Baby Food

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With a number of recipes in terms of how to make green beans baby food, you can totally do it yourself at home. In case you know any new and interesting ways, do not hesitate to share them with us immediately.

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