How to sew baby clothes

How To Sew Baby Clothes

Nowadays, a number of parents all over the world are interested in hand making clothes for their beloved children. This work does not require much complication, so that anyone can easily do. However, some people are confused with how to start and what to prepare, as a result, I will give you a tip of how to sew baby clothes. By learning this, you can make a meaningful gift for your baby during your leisure time.

How to sew baby clothes

For both of the beginner and experienced learners, I am going to teach you how to sew a pair of leggings. These tips can be used to make any size from babies all the way to adults. In particular, this method will be involved with a T-shirt that you can purchase from any stores and turn it into a pair of legging using a standard sewing machine. After this tutorial, you can definitely be excellent at how to sew baby clothes and then apply for the other items.

  1. Prepare the necessary tools

Before getting started, you need to prepare an adult size T-shirt or any fabric, 1 yard of three quarter inch wide elastic and a pattern. With the pattern, you can purchase one or use a pair of leggings that your child is going out of and use that to trace a new pattern. In particular, you can trace on any kind of things you have around your house. In this situation, I will tape 4 pieces of standard paper together. Instead, you can use the paper bag and cut it apart, you will have a nice big piece of pattern paper to work with. The important thing is just use anything you have since you do not need any fancy tracing paper.

  1. Cutting and tracing process

With the old leggings, you can cut the legs apart by grabbing the scissors and cutting really close to the seams, so that you can ensure the accuracy. Now, you can trace your pattern piece by laying your cut leggings onto the taped papers. You should grab the pencil, trace right next to the leggings and do not need to add any seams allowance since we have to cut that out. When tracing on the top, you need to add some extra of about an inch because the waistband is folded.

By using a sharpie, make sure to trace along the outside and go as close to the edges as you can. This is not an exact science and we are able to make changes later. Then, you can mark on the paper that this is for a newborn or a two-year-old, which you can use again in the future. Next, you can lay the cut paper down on the T-shirt and match it up with the existing hand on the T-shirt. Cut the T-shirt right along the lines of the paper and do not try to go for two layers at the same time since you may make mistakes anytime.

  1. Sewing process

Going to the sewing process, you should take the first leg and with the right side of fabric, together match them up along the inseam and then, we are going to sew right from the crotch all the way down to the hemline. When you are sewing with knit, that is really important to use a proper stitch since it can stretch with your fabric. Otherwise, it is going to break the first time you put the leggings on so read your owner’s manual and find out what kind of stiches your machine can do. Most machines come with the standard zig-zag stitch, so you can do a little back to the beginning and then just sew right down the leg. When you get to the end, make sure those two pieces are lined up perfectly because this is the hems of your pants.

You can continue with the second leg and then we will have two separated legs. At this stage, you can see that they are going to fit together nicely. Now, take one of your legs, turn it right side out and then, we are going to stick it right inside the other leg. The right side of the fabric will touch each other and we will sew in one seam all the way around by using the overcasting stitch. When you get to these two seams where they come together, just go slowly and make sure your machine is going through that carefully.

  1. Insert the elastic

Lastly, we are going to insert the elastic. You can turn the leggings right side out and use some elastic in the back of your leggings. Remember to stick it pretty close to the edge of the fabric and go to the machine. You need to tug the elastic slightly, which will make it slightly cinch up around the waist. In the end, do not forget to cut all of the tails from your leggings, fold the waistband under and iron that out. After having the perfect leggings, you can let your baby to try on in order to check the size. If the leggings are fit, you can wash it for further use.

With this method of how to sew baby clothes, many people can find it easy and interesting to do immediately since it is suitable for both boys and girls, so that you just need to choose the right pattern for your child. You are recommended to buy your child’s favorite color and design, then they can show more interest in your own creation. With the first time, you can make a lot of mistakes as well as waste much time. However, you can improve your skill quickly after a few attempts, so do not lose your passion to create a unique item for your child.

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In summary, all of the above information associated with how to sew baby clothes will give you the very first lesson and of course, you can make leggings as an ideal gift for your friends. Everyone will be immersed into your handmade leggings without any doubt. In case you are in need of sewing any other items, do not hesitate to contact us for help.

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