how to Soothe Teething Baby

How to Soothe a Teething Baby

This article, we show you how to Soothe a Teething Baby.

Teething is an important stage in the development of your babies. From 6 month old, babies start having signals of teething. Perhaps it is a difficult time for both babies and parents to overcome. Therefore, knowing how to soothe teething baby is a necessary task for most of the parents. The first teeth grow are two bottom fronts, whereas, the second are two top fronts. Some common signs of teething in babies include drooling, sore gums, chewing and irritating. These symptoms appear on gums and mouth, not other parts. They are also not the reason causing to diarrhea and fever.

How to Soothe a Teething Baby

Don’t have to worry if your babies suffer from these symptoms. There are many effective ways to help relieve uncomfortable feelings from babies. All of them are very safe and popular in most of the countries in the world.

  • Massage your baby’s gums: Many mothers have applied this method to sooth their baby teething pains. All you need to do is cleaning the finger and gently rubbing the gums of your babies. You can use a soft and wet cloth to reduce the discomfort of their teething.
  • Make gums cool: Another safe way is making your baby’s gums cool. This method is as same as the way ice releases pains in the ankle. In this case, you will need the support from other additional tools such as a spoon, a ring for relieving teething or a cold washcloth. Remember that these things should be at the suitable temperature, not too cold. Over cold temperature may be harmful to the baby health. For safety, use the round parts of the spoon or ring to apply on gums. The washcloth can be dipped into tea, breast milk or water to be wet before using. You also can take advantage of a pacifier freezing in the refrigerator for a while.
  • Chew solid foods: Some types of solid foods your babies can try such as yogurt, apple, cucumber or carrot. Let your babies chew these hard things to help them ease pains on gums. Take care of them all the time to prevent any breaking pieces.
  • Wipe the drool: As you know, drooling is a common sign of the teething process. In order to create the comfort on your baby skin, you had better use a clean fabric associating with the moisturizer.
  • Take advantage of teething medications: You might need the help of common painkillers or gels like acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Avoid using the gels with benzocaine because this element affects the oxygen source in the blood. Keep in mind that this method should be applied when your babies are extremely cranky. Ask the doctors before using these medications for your babies.
Soothe a Teething Baby

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If your babies are under 6 moths old, you can use ibuprofen to relieve pains in sore gums of small babies. However, a minus of this method is that it may put a bad impact on the baby’s stomach.  Remember not to use aspirin for your babies because it will be very dangerous to their health. Contact to the doctors if the small ones have uncommon signs of teething such as diarrhea, vomiting or fever.

Many moms use OTC pain reliever to ease their baby’s teething soreness. This method is helpful, but you should apply it with the suitable dose for your baby ages. It reduces the fear of baby screaming at night.

  • Try objects for teething: We would like to recommend the super soft teething toys to help babies chew every time they want. These toys come with an eye-catching design like veggies or fruits. They are washable and easy to dry even in winter. Besides, there is some jewelry for mothers that babies can chew. This is because these items are in the reach of the little ones. Made from FDA silicone, they are very safe to the health of your babies. There are a great number of colors for you to choose from, including red, blue, orange, green, etc…Some other objects for teething include vibrating teeth, silicone teeth, chilled teeth, cold fruit, rubber teeth, and wooden teeth.
  • Regular breastfeeding: One of the most natural ways to ease teething pains is increasing the breastfeeding times. This contributes to bringing the high level of comfort to babies. Most of the babies love playing with the mom’s nipples.
  • Apply different types of distraction: Although these activities are temporary, they help babies forget their pains in an effective way. One of the best ways, in this case, is giving the babies a bath in the warm water. This helps them feel relax and forget partially the teething pains.
How to Soothe a Teething Baby

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Tips and Warnings

With these methods above, mothers can solve teething of their babies well at home. Call a doctor if the babies do not have symptoms of teething, get a fever or extremely irritable.

Besides, caring the new teeth of your babies is another essential step. You can eliminate the development of bacteria in the baby gums with a clean washcloth. It must be practiced every day to get the best result. When your babies grow a little bit, teach them the habit of brushing teeth by giving a soft toothbrush. Add a small amount of toothpaste that contains fluoride for babies over 3 years old.

It is advisable for you to take regularly your babies to the dentists every month. This helps check whether the mouth and gums of the babies are in good condition or not. Having good dental program at the childhood is the solid standard for a healthy life in the future.

In conclusion, if parents know how to sooth a teething baby, they will help both them and their babies from a difficult time of transition in baby lives. Are you afraid of waking at night because of your baby cry? Are you sure about what to do when your babies are in the teething period? Then, try these methods in the right ways will be very supportive. Let your babies try.

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