How to Sterilize Plastic Baby Bottles

How to Sterilize Plastic Baby Bottles

As you know, plastic baby bottles are responsible for keeping water, juice as well as formula and breast milk. Dirty baby bottles are the reasons causing to illness in the little ones, especially newborns. This is the reason why applying the sterilization in baby bottles is an important task. It is an effective way in killing bacteria and chemical. In this article, we would like to tell you how to sterilize plastic baby bottles in the proper way. Without sterilization, it creates the chance for the development of bacteria inside the bottles. There is no difficulty in sterilizing the baby bottles. Follow these steps below to get the best results.

How to Sterilize Plastic Baby Bottles

Things to Consider Before Sterilizing Plastic Baby Bottles

When it comes to sterilizing plastic baby bottles, you should keep in mind several important things below. Keep on reading and learn how to sterilize plastic baby bottles.

  • Check BPA

The first necessary requirement is checking whether your plastic bottle made from BPA or not. BPA under heat condition is a harmful element that affects badly the physical development of your baby. It is advisable for you to select the bottles with BPA free for better health safety to the little ones. This helps prevent the consequence of BPA on the baby bottles under high temperature. Another popular option for many parents is using glass bottles.

  • Apply Appropriate Sterilization In New Bottles

Remember to sterilize the new plastic bottles before giving them to the little ones. Here is an essential requirement, which maximizes the safety of the baby.

  • Know The Suitable Time for Sterilizing

In addition to the first use, you had better sterilize the bottle once your baby is recently sick.

Ways to Sterilize Plastic Baby Bottles

  1. Use Boiled Water to Sterilize The Baby Bottles

Learn how to sterilize plastic baby bottles by boiling water. All you need is boiling a pot of water. Try to submerge the bottle and nipple with the appropriate amount of water. After that, disassemble different components of the bottle, including the tops and the nipples.

It is time for you to create a mixture of soap and hot water for cleaning the inside of the baby bottle. This helps remove the bacteria left inside any part of the baby bottle. You should conduct this step when starting boiling the pot of water.

After the water boils, soak all components into the pot for the total submergence. Wait about 10 minutes for getting the best result of killing completely bacteria.

Pick all parts of the bottle out of the boiling water by using metal tongs. Hang these parts on a rack toward an upside-down direction.

Once you don’t use the bottle immediately, assembles all components together. Notice to store it in the clean environment for the next use. This is very necessary for developing the immune system of the baby.

  1. Apply Other Effective Methods

In the modern life, you have a chance to get benefit from advanced equipment with high technology. It is not the exception for sterilizing plastic baby bottles. For time saving, you can make use of a dishwasher, a microwave, electric steamers, cold water and UV light. Each of them has particular characteristics to meet your needs and demands. Discover the advantages of using these tools in how to sterilize plastic baby bottles as below.

  • Make Use Of A Dishwasher

The dishwasher works based on heat to sterilize the baby bottles. However, this method seems less effective in removing bacteria than boiling water.

  • Try A Microwave

Another popular option is using a microwave. This is very active in saving your time and bringing the high effectiveness. Your responsibility is ensuring that the microwave is completely clean before using. After cleaning all components of the bottle by the mixture of water and soap, you should put them separately in the microwave. The time for sterilizing in the microwave should be 90 seconds. Wait until the microwave cool before taking all parts out of the microwave.

  • Use Cold Water

This way is an ideal option for people who want to give the bottle to the baby immediately. It is also convenient when your family goes travel. You will need dissolving non-toxic sterilization tablets in cold water. Then, soak all parts of the bottle into this liquid at least 30 minutes. It is advisable for you to use the sterilized bottles immediately.

  • Apply Electric Steamers

There is no difficulty in using electric steamers for sterilizing the plastic baby bottles. You must plug the machine and ignore it. The steamer takes advantage of high temperature to eliminate the development of bacteria in all parts of the bottle.

Depending on the number of your baby bottles, you could decide the size of the electric steamers. Some types of them permit you to sterilize several bottles, whereas, the others could serve a great number of baby bottles at the same time.

  • Use UV Light

By using this modern technology, you can feel rest assured about its great ability to remove bacteria and virus. It takes you 3 minutes to complete the sterilization. However, it seems unpopular in the current market nowadays.

Sterilize Plastic Baby Bottles

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In conclusion, it is very necessary for you to know how to sterilize plastic baby bottles in the proper way. Sterilization plays an essential role in keeping the baby bottle always clean. This helps protect the health of your baby by reducing the risk of bacteria quickly and effectively. Hope you have the right care for your babies.

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