How to Stop a Crying Baby

How to Stop a Crying Baby

In this article, we show why your baby may be crying and how to stop a crying baby.

Being a parent is very fulfilling, with your baby being one of the most important people in your life. You are caring for a little person who loves and looks up to you! Not only that, but you will be teaching him how to survive and live through the way you care for him. That is why it’s very important for you to make sure that he is properly cared for and that you are always there for him no matter what. The early years are the toughest because you may have a hard time knowing what he wants. And the way he will raise his voice to get what he wants may be a bit daunting as well!

Your baby will voice out his wants or needs through crying. Until such time he is able to talk and understand words, he will be crying for attention until he gets what he wants or needs. It may be frustrating, especially as a parent who will not be getting enough sleep due to these types of disturbances. Sometimes, it can even get intense, with you breaking down if he won’t stop! Dealing with a crying baby is a parents’ nightmare, especially when the crying never seems to end. Luckily, there are ways on how to stop your baby from crying.

Why Learn How to Stop a Crying Baby?

All babies are different, from looks, parents, and genetics. The one thing they all have in common though is that they cry. And they can cry a LOT. You may be blessed with a child who hardly ever cries, while some have children who are unfortunately criers. It may seem like good luck based on some cultures, but for most parents, it can get very frustrating.

It’s very important to learn how to make your baby stop crying because of course, who would want to have a baby who keeps yelling? Also, it’s best to learn how to soothe them when they cry for their health’s sake. Not only will it affect their physical health from the yelling and tears, but it can also affect their mental health as well if you just leave them to cry all the time!

A crying baby is something no one wants to witness. It’s also something parents don’t want to deal with in public under the judging and sympathetic eyes of strangers. That is why it’s best to know how to stop your baby from crying quickly, in order for your baby to quiet down and be able to move around in peace.

Why Your Baby Cries and How to Stop a Crying Baby

There are different reasons as to why babies cry. Some may be obvious, while some aren’t. There are various remedies to stop your baby from crying, depending on the reason why. Here are some of the reasons why babies cry and how you’ll be able to remedy them!

  1. Hunger

Your baby may just be hungry, so it’s time to start breast or formula feeding your child. It’s best to do this every 2-3 hours so he won’t get hungry and will spend less time crying and asking for food. Hunger is actually one of the most common reasons why babies cry, especially if they are newborns. So if he is crying, it may be due for feeding time. There is no specific time as to when you should feed your baby, so listen to his cries and hunger cues instead.

  1. “Just feel like it”

Just like adults, babies feel. And some babies simply feel like crying with no apparent reason. It has been said that babies who are younger than 4 months old tend to cry more. As they grow older, they start to cry less now that they have an understanding of what they need. It may be like a tantrum with no apparent reason, where your baby refuses any comfort from you or any loved one. He may clench his fist or go into an arched back position. This persistent crying is called colic. Stomach problems from formula may be the main cause, but again, there is no specific reason as to why babies with colic cry.

It’s stressful when there is no specific remedy to it, and all you can do is to learn how to cope until such time they they stop suffering from these crying sessions. For now, you can try adhering to their needs and keep soothing them with games and lullabies, as well as comforting hugs.

  1. Needs to be held

Your baby already identifies you and your spouse as the love of their lives. You have had a bond since you were pregnant with him, after all! Just like adults, all they might need at the moment would be a nice and warm hug from people he loves and trusts. Swaddle and sway your baby slowly, sing to him if you must. Anything to let him know that he is secure and in the loving arms of his loved ones.

  1. Need a rest

Your baby may be crying due to being very tired! They won’t be able to associate night and day, which is why they end up sleeping at odd hours. If they are crying, maybe it’s time to lay them down in their crib and rock them until they fall asleep. Make sure that they stay in a quiet room and that the environment is meant for sleeping, with soft pillows and a good bed. It’s best to limit your visitors and the visiting time to avoid your baby from being overwhelmed.

  1. Too hot/cold

Babies are very susceptible when it comes to temperature, and they may be too hot or too cold, depending on weather conditions and the room they are in. You can check if they are feeling too hot or cold through touching their stomach, as hands or feet may give wrong signals. If you feel like they are too hot, remove the blankets and make them comfortable by letting them wear less layers. If they are too cold, have them wear more layers and blankets, keeping the room temperature at 18 degrees.

  1. Diaper change

Depending on your baby, they may cry once they soil themselves, or they won’t end up crying up until they feel irritation on their skin. Either way, it’s best to check their diapers in case they have already made a mess. If that’s the case, it’s time to change your baby properly. If ever your baby hates changing his diaper, try to distract him with songs and games while you do so! He’ll stop crying, and he’ll have a clean nappy!

  1. Sick

If your baby is suffering from nonstop crying and you don’t know what to do, it may be a sign of illness. Check to see if your baby has a fever, or if he is teething. Teething is one of the usual reasons why your baby is crying, as they feel more irritated as their teeth start to grow. If not and you feel like something is wrong and your baby has symptoms of illness or fever, it’s time to call a doctor to have a consultation. Your child’s doctor may have good remedies to stop the crying or to prescribe medicine for any illness.

More Tips on How to Stop a Crying Baby

If ever any of those methods do not work, here are a few more tips that may help:

  • Make sure that your baby is in a comfortable position, may they be help in your arms or in their comfortable crib. Have their head and neck supported by soft and firm pillows.
  • Play a lullaby or sing a song if he is crying to soothe him.
  • Rock your baby with a chair or while carrying him.
  • Massaging your baby may help, usually around the feet or stomach area.
  • Let her suck on a pacifier. This is not a healthy habit to pick up, but it may help once in a while.
  • Bathe her in warm water. This may work for some while it may make others cry more, but it helps you discover what your baby wants!

Try any of these methods and you will soon learn what your baby wants and what helps soothe his crying sessions. Once you do know, you will be able to stop a crying baby and assure a peaceful and quiet environment, pacifying your baby in public or private places as quickly as possible.

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