how to Teach Baby to Talk

How to Teach Baby to Talk

How to Teach Baby to Talk

When babies are born, they have the ability to learn how to talk, so surprising! Each baby has a particular rate of learning to talk. After 2 years old, the talking skill of babies improves in a fast way and they could start short conversations to other people. Not many parents know how to teach baby to talk in the right way. This is the reason limiting the talking development of their babies. The way you interact with your babies depends much on the words you say.

The Progress of Babies’ Talking Ability

As we have mentioned above, different babies have the specific development of language skills at the specific time. The following is the progress of babies’ talking ability through time.

Firstly, when babies are less than 4 months, they tend to pay attention to the levels of sound and pitch. The sounds seem cool for them to enjoy at the first stage of life. Therefore, mimicking sounds is a natural response of babies.

In the next stage from 4 to 7 months, babies start making the first babbling sounds. The clearest sounds you could hear are Ms, Ds, and Bs.

If your baby is in the age from 7 to 12 months, he has the ability to produce grunts or long squeals. The common trend for babies at this age is pronouncing some first words.

When babies grow a little bit from 12 to 18 months, they can speak several words, which contribute to the development of their vocabulary.

Next, in the period from 18 to 30 months, your babies could use small sentences to express their ideas. Parents can guess what their babies are saying.

Effective Methods to Teach Baby to Talk

If you are confused about the way to teach your babies to talk, keep on reading our article. It provides the best ways on teaching babies to talk.

  1. Reply Your Babies’ Cries

In the first year of life, crying plays an essential role in expressing the feelings of babies. It is an integral part of the life of every baby. Responding to the babies’ cries means you are caring about what babies need. As a result, it convinces your babies that they are safe because parents always stand by them.

  1. Try to Talk with Your Babies as Much as Possible

One of the best ways to help the little ones improve their language skill is making conversation. It is unchallengeable to teach your babies how to interact with other people through eyes and actions. You can set a short conversation and teach the babies how to response to your sounds. There is nothing more important than language at the early development stage of babies. Keep patient until you can listen to the first bubbling sounds from the little ones.

The more correct your sounds, the better your babies’ language could perform. Even your babies are not able to speak; they could understand what you are saying.

  1. Match Actions with Words

It is advisable for you to describe the actions through sounds to help your babies easily remember the words. For instance, call the names of animals if they pass through you such as “Hey, it is a cat.”

In addition, before you do something, you had better explain what you would do to your babies. This helps the young understand partially your actions. Some typical examples below will help you. When feeding babies, you need saying “It is time for eating.” Besides, when taking a bath or changing the diapers for the little ones, you should notice them about these actions.

It is your responsibility to describe your actions to the babies like “We are going to bed now.” or “Mom has to go out for a while. Your grandmother will feed you.” This method contributes a lot to help babies familiar with repetitive sounds.

  1. Sing a Song and Tell Babies Stories

It is evidence that songs and stories have a strong impact on widening the communication skills of babies. Because of the natural repetition, they will make your babies feel completely excited. Combine these actions with your hands for the best results. Keep in mind that media applications could not support the communication and language skills of babies. TVs or mobile phones cannot replace the functions of direct interaction to babies.

  1. Read Colorful Books

A book including a huge source of images and languages helps develop the concentration of your babies. Read books when your babies are in the first period of life. Babies tend to express their liked or disliked books very soon.

Moreover, adding funny games when teaching your babies to talk is a good way. You can display different objects and ask your babies to call objects’ names such as toys, cars; alphabet, etc…Don’t worry if your babies misidentify some colors or objects. You had better award your babies by clapping. It helps encourage them to try effort for the next times. With older kids, tell them stories and let them predict the next part. Another efficient way is asking the babies what they see in a picture. Wait until hearing your babies’ response to the question. It is the responsibility of parents to give a nice comment after hearing the responses from babies.

Tips and Warnings

Contact to the doctor if your babies are not able to speak up to 15 words when they are 18 months old. They will show you the reasons and solutions for this issue. The sooner you contact to the doctor, the greater solutions that your babies can get. If you do not teach your babies to talk in the right way, it may limit their natural language development.

In a word, acknowledge yourself about how to teach baby to talk is an important requirement nowadays. The success in the future of your babies depends much on what you teach them from now on. Hope you find out the most informative guides from our suggestions above.

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