How To Teach Your Baby To Read

How To Teach Your Baby To Read

This article will open the door to learn using some simple, easy and very rewarding techniques that enable you to keep your childhood as well as help your child become a fast and fluent reader. In particular, we will focus on how to teach your baby to read since this is considered as one of the best parts during their growth process.

Almost every school from at least first grade on requires students to read about 20 to 30 minutes each night. Now getting your child to actually sit down and read the book can often be a challenge. As a consequence, I hear from parents all the time that it usually culminates in a battle involving bribery, threats, pleading as well as all kinds of dramas. However, by knowing some tips of how to teach your baby to read, you can avoid getting to this point.

How to teach your baby to read

First of all, you are recommended to teach your child alphabet letters and sounds at the same time. When teaching your children the letter sounds, you need to let them slowly trace the letters with his or her index finger. Secondly, you can put significant emphasis that the proper reading order should be from left to right as well as top to bottom since our children are not born with this knowledge. They may be confused and then, sometimes read from right to left instead because they are never explicitly taught to read from any directions.

Thirdly, getting started with the final consonants blends. You can begin with teaching some words such as “at” and “and”, which can lead your children directly to learning words that have the same rhythm with these. For instance, the word “at” can result in more rhyming words including cat, pat, chat and so on. After that, you can start teaching blends once your child has learned the sounds of some consonants as well as short vowel sounds.

However, many people wonder about the ideal time to teach their children to read. As soon as your baby was born, you not only instantly became a parent but you also became your baby’s first and most important teacher. Many studies are showing how important this period of development from birth to six years old is. This is regarded as a window opportunity for language learning since this is the easiest time to introduce language to your child.

Therefore, I would like to encourage all of the parents to embrace this role since teaching your baby is such a joyous and wonderful adventure. Furthermore, with those children who are engaged in early learning activities are being labeled as gifted once they enter school. This is not because they are born smarter than the other babies, it is just because they have a parent who takes an interest and invests some time in learning activities with them. As a result, we recommend that you can teach your baby to read when they are between the ages of three months and four years old. Besides, apart from knowing how to teach your baby to read, you need to identify some methods in order to encourage the reading enthusiasm of your children. 

  1. Model your own reading

The first method is to model your own reading. If your child sees you reading and enjoying a book, he is going to be much more likely to sit down and do it. In fact, this is regarded a great way to avoid “doing as I say” and not as I do scenario. In addition, children who grow up in a household where reading is a desired activity are much more likely to be independent readers on their own.

  1. Have a specific reading place

The next suggestion is to make sure your child has a designated reading place. That could be in bed, or a special chair, or on the sofa, or just anywhere in your home where he feels comfortable reading. You can even have a discussion about that, discussing where you enjoy reading with your children. For instance, you might have a special chair, you can talk about how that feels comfortable to you and it is an ideal place where you can really concentrate as well as create a quiet bubble for reading for yourself.

  1. Eliminate possible distractions and offer some presents

Another important tip for enforcing reading time at home and making it a pleasant thing to do is to getting rid of possible distractions. That means turning off the TV, computer together with other entertaining devices. Furthermore, make sure that noisy siblings are out of the way and quiet, which is easier said than done. It is completely acceptable to provide a small bribe or gimmick to your child if you think that will motivate them to start reading. For example, you can give your son a book light and he actually thinks that it is such a fantastic gift. By doing this, your child can look forward every night to getting into bed at bedtime and pulling the covers up over his head, turning on his book light and then, reading for a while.

However, one gimmick that I would advise against are bookmarks that have a digital clock on them. With this, you can set the clock for about 20 to 30 minutes that is required for reading. The problem with this is that it is the only thing your child will pay attention to and they will watch the minutes tick down until the required time is up. As a result, there is never going to be an opportunity for that child to really dig into the book and have the pleasure of losing himself in a story.

Teach Your Baby To Read

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After all, knowing some ways of how to teach your baby to read along with other matters will bring you happy moments as a parent. Thus, if you need any guidance on the other problems, do not hesitate to send it to us anytime.

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