How to Tell If Your Baby Is Constipated

How to Tell If Your Baby Is Constipated

In this article, we show you how to tell if your baby is constipated.

When you have a baby, you will want to take care of him as much as you can, ensuring that he is not sick and is always in great health. It’s one of those parental instincts every new parent goes through. But there will be times you won’t be able care for them completely, with them being susceptible to illnesses. But that doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent! Babies having illnesses are inevitable due to the harsh environment the world sets. You can try to avoid it as much as possible, but it can actually be a good thing for them in order for their immune system to grow stronger as they age.

One of the most common illnesses your baby may go through is constipation. It’s one of the worst feelings a baby may feel, being irritable and crying all the time. Not only does that affect your baby, but it affects the parents as well, with them having to stay up all night in order to care for their baby as they try to soothe them into comfort. There are various ways to remedy constipation, but it also may be difficult to figure out if your baby’s suffering from constipation.

Why Learn How to Tell If Your Baby Is Constipated?

Your baby is susceptible of many types of illnesses, and constipation holds no exception. The problem is, it may be difficult to know if he is constipated or not because he is not able to voice it out but through scream and cries! Sometimes, he may be straining to go, but it may not exactly be constipation either. That’s why it’s best to know the signs in order for you to treat it immediately and properly. You wouldn’t want to be giving the wrong type of medicine to your baby, as that may make him feel worse.

Learning if your baby is constipated will also help you know how to care for him when he suffers through it or any type of illness. It makes you become a better parent and makes your baby a healthy one in the long run. Plus, with the remedies mentioned, you won’t have to scramble looking for solutions in a rush because you are able to do them all right in the comforts of your own home as quickly as possible.

How to Tell If Your Baby Is Constipated?

There are various symptoms that show if your baby is constipated or not, such as:

  • If you notice that he is crying more, especially before or during pooping
  • If he feels like he is in discomfort or irritable during pooping
  • When his poo is hard and pellet-like, and it seems like he is trouble passing it through
  • If his bowel movements are less than 3 times a week
  • If his farts and poo are smelly
  • When he has less appetite and a hard belly
  • Liquid poo can also be a sign of constipation, because the liquids pass through the hard parts of the poo found in the intestine. So if you see this sign, don’t assume that it is diarrhea right away and see the other symptoms first.

These are most of the symptoms a baby may face when he is constipated. It’s best to watch after these signs to make sure that your baby is well and to have him treated immediately.

Why Do Babies Have Constipation?

There are various reasons as to why babies have constipation. It may be from their health or environmental factors, such as:

  1. Formula milk is known to be a common cause of constipation, which is why doctors recommend breastfeeding. Unfortunately, some mommies aren’t able to produce enough formula for their child. Some would also prefer bottle feeding their baby, which also has its own advantages. Either way, some formulas may be hard to digest due to its ingredients, causing your baby to suffer from tummy problems.
  2. When you start feeding your baby solids, it can surprise their stomach, especially since they are used to having liquid formula for a few months now. In time, the constipation will lessen.
  3. A diet poor in fiber and liquids can also cause constipation. If your baby is dehydrated, that can also be the root cause as well!
  4. Your baby may have constipation as a symptom of another illness or condition, which may need consultation from a medical professional. It can be conditions, food poisoning, or an allergy from what they are eating or drinking.

Babies are just like adults. The root causes of constipation are similar, which is why it’s best to treat your baby as if he were an adult, but with a different type of diet that is still healthy and nutritious.

Constipation in Baby Remedies

If your baby is suffering from constipation, then don’t worry! There are remedies that will help ease your baby’s pain and help him pass the gas quickly. Here are some remedies for constipation in babies:

  1. Move your baby’s legs in a cycling position to get his poo to flow out easily.
  2. If ever your baby drinks formula or is bottle fed, be sure to always add in some water after he finishes his bottle to avoid rehydration and the formula from solidifying his poo too much. A bit of water after meals will help his digestion. Make sure you mix the formula with the right amount of water, not diluting it too much.
  3. Sometimes, it may be your baby’s formula that’s causing the irritation, may it be food allergy or poisoning. Your doctor may be able to recommend you new brands to try, or you can ask other parents out there who have had successful results with various other formulas.
  4. If ever you have started introducing solids to your baby’s diet, make sure to add a bit more water and fruit juices to help get things going. Slowly incorporate it with slightly mushy and chewy foods to start before going into full solids. You can go for pureed applesauce, as well as high-fiber oatmeal for better for of the digestive system. But don’t overdo it on the fiber and make sure your baby is properly hydrated.
  5. A proper diet with fibrous food such as fruits and cereal or oatmeal is best, but make sure that they are easy enough to be digested by your baby. If he is dehydrated, up his water intake and keep feeding him fibrous fruits.
  6. If push comes to shove, you may want to check with your baby’s doctor for any illness or condition your baby might have, especially if it has been happening for quite some time now. Your doctor may be able to recommend more remedies and prescribe medicine that will help your baby get things going smoothly and efficiently. But this is if home treatments and proper meal plans aren’t working. Try not to use laxatives or medicine, especially if your baby’s doctor has not recommended them.

In the end, it’s all about a healthy diet and adequate meals. As long as your baby is eating the right food in proper amounts, there will be less of a chance of him suffering from constipation. Just like adults, it’s best to keep him in a high fiber diet that is filled with whole foods in order for him to strengthen his immune system as well as his digestion. Your doctor and other parents out there will be able to help recommend certain meal plans and times in order for your baby to be happy and healthy!

It’s best not to stress and panic the first sign you feel like your baby has constipation. Simply address the problem, find ways on how to remedy it with calm, and try it yourself until you find the solution. It’s easier and will have you find the remedy quickly, even better than if you were stressing out because of it!

In Conclusion

When your baby suffers from constipation, don’t always worry and expect the worst! It happens. Instead of scrambling to rish your baby to the nearest hospital, call his doctor and seek medical advice to avoid the heft medical bills and to make sure that your baby is properly taken care of without the need of any medicine and the like (unless absolutely needed). Make sure that your baby is properly taken care of with these tips on how to cure constipation and how to tell if your baby is constipated. You and your baby will be happy and healthy in the long run!

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