How To Use A Home Pregnancy Test

How To Use A Home Pregnancy Test

If you are confused whether you are in pregnancy, a home pregnancy test is a great recommendation. It is a typical method to identify the appearance of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HCG) in pregnant women. You can purchase home pregnancy tests through online method or at available drug stores. This preparation is very crucial for welcoming a baby. Keep on reading our article and learn how to use a home pregnancy test.

  1. Preparation

The first important thing to keep in mind is buying a home pregnancy test. Although there are a variety of pregnancy tests on the market, they come with the same functionality. Their function is informing the level of specific HCG in women’s urine. Make sure that your home pregnancy test is not out of expiration date and without wear and tear. These factors may affect the test result. You had better purchase the test with two sticks inside for more convenience.  It allows you to test twice when necessary. The pregnancy test should be purchased from reliable stores. Think about a new one if you keep your pregnancy test too long.

Move on the time to use a home pregnancy test. You should conduct the test after a week of your missed cycle. Once the fertilized egg appears in the uterus of women, it raises the chance for HCG existence. If you make the pregnancy test too soon, it might bring the negative results. Morning is the idealist time to get the best result due to the highest level of HCG.

It is advisable for you to read carefully the instructions of the manufacturer before using the pregnancy test. Although most of the pregnancy tests share the same function, they come with particular requirements about the way of getting urine, the time for dipping the stick into your urine as well as the pregnant symbols. If you have any problem with the pregnancy test, feel free to contact to its producer for more support. The contact number of the manufacturer will be available outside of the package or in its instruction. To avoid the confusion when using the test, try to remember all necessary symbols in advance.

Moreover, wash your hands carefully before making any test. You will need the support from soap and warm water to make your hands completely clean. Having a good mental health before listening to the test result is another necessity. Ask a friend to tell you the result when necessary.

  1. Test Process

Are you ready to make a pregnancy test? Discover how to use a home pregnancy test in the proper way. After having a right home pregnancy test, all you need to do is going to the toilet and peeing on the available cup. Then, dip the pregnancy test into your urine within few minutes according to the recommendations from the manufacturer. Some types of pregnancy test require you to pee directly on the pregnancy stick, whereas, the others do not. Be careful to read the instructions to get a correct result. You will need a stopwatch to calculate the exact time for urinating. Remember to place the stick in the right position. Keep it far away from the small children.

The most common way is using the provided cup. After collecting a suitable amount of urine in the cup, dip the stick into the cup in 5 or 10 seconds. It will take you about more than one minute to get the test result. The surface for placing the test should be flat and clean. Don’t be too impatient when waiting for the test result. In case your stick coming with the function of telling you that it is working, you should pay attention to this feature. When it lacks the notification symbol, perhaps your test is unsuccessful and you will need the other ones.

Next, it is time to check the test. Ensure that you know how to use a home pregnancy by reading the test result. There are different ways to identify the test result. Each brand will recommend a specific way to inform the pregnancy result. It often makes use of the color changes, minus or plus signs and even clear words to indicate whether you are pregnant or not. If you get a positive result, you should see the doctor to pass an overall pregnancy test and scan. To contrast, try to test again in the next week if you receive the negative result. However, some tests done too soon might lead to the false result. This is the reason for the equipment of two sticks in the package of a home pregnancy test. Ask the doctor if there is any problem affecting your ability of pregnancy.

How To Use A Home Pregnancy Test

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Tips and Warnings

Prepare several sticks to make sure that your positive result is completely correct. Once a stick shows the positive result, try with the next one. Furthermore, you should not drink much fluid before testing to avoid false result. The reason is that fluid puts an impact on your urine, which may change the test result.

Some common signals of the pregnancy are nausea, missed cycle, and weight gain. Make an appointment with the doctors if you have experienced these problems. Sometimes, a home pregnancy test may bring the false result if it is expired. Another reason for this result is that you do the test too soon. Therefore, you should purchase a new one from the stores and do the test in the suitable time to ensure its high accuracy.

In general, it is very important for parents to know how to use a home pregnancy test. This helps them prepare the good mental health before their babies are born. There are some important things to keep in mind to reach the best results. Two most essential things are having good home pregnancy tests and following the correct process. Hope you get the best results as you wish.

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