How To Use A Pregnancy Pillow

How To Use A Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnant women are actually familiar with a pregnancy pillow when sleeping. It plays an essential role in providing the comfortable and deep sleep to women in this challengeable period. By using a good pregnancy pillow, you could reduce the pains and soreness in your muscles while pregnant. Our article will help you know how to use a pregnancy pillow in a proper way.

  1. Find Out Your Most Suitable Pregnancy Pillow

There are a great number of pregnancy pillows available on the current market. They come in different designs, materials, shapes, sizes, purposes, prices, etc…Main types of pregnancy pillow are pregnancy wedge pillow, full-length pillow, and total body pregnancy pillow. Basing on your particular demands, you can select the best types of pillow to relieve your pains.

  • Pregnancy wedge pillow: As its name, the pregnancy wedge pillow is responsible for supporting your tummy, your back, and your head. It looks like a wedge but comes with a variety of functions. The big plus of this pillow is that mothers can make use of it even after their babies are born. You can watch TV and lie on the pillow without any discomfort. You have two most popular options of wedge pillow, including round and triangular shape.
  • Full-length pregnancy pillow: With the straight shape, this type of pillow is an ideal option for cuddling. The pillow stays in place and you can put it everywhere on your bed. For people who prefer the simplicity, the straight full-length type is a great choice. Another favorite pillow of many pregnant women is the flexible full length. However, a small minus of full-length pregnancy pillow is the less back support than other models.
  • Total body pregnancy pillow: This offers the surprising comfort for curling inside the pillow. The total body pregnancy pillow often comes with 5 to 6 feet of length, which results in supporting your back, your spine and other parts of your body. Feel free to select your best models between two pillow options of C shape and U shape.

Before deciding the best pillow type, you should think about the reason causing pains first. Some body parts easily suffering from soreness are the neck, back, shoulders, knees, ankles, and belly. These pain areas may come from unbalanced diet, poor postures, and wrong positions of sleeping or incorrect lifting. Some types of pillows are excellent for treating specific areas, whereas, the others can do multi-functional tasks.

It is advisable for you to look for a soft and small pillow to deal with pains in one or two positions.  In this case, curved pregnancy pillow is the best traditional solution to help you feel completely comfortable. You had better check whether the pillow has high quality or not. The easiest way to figure out its quality is ensuring that the pillow is fully padded without shifting even when we bend it a little bit.

Another important requirement for a good pillow is its firmness. The pillow should come with high firmness to keep your belly and knees in the stable positions while sleeping. Besides, perhaps you will still like using the pillow after your baby is born. This is the reason why you had better pay attention to the model associating with a helpful washable cover. The advantage of this cover is that it is removable for easy disassembling and cleaning.

  1. How To Use A Pregnancy Pillow Correctly

After owning your favorite pregnancy pillow, knowing how to use it in the proper way is the next necessary step. Remember to read carefully the manual instructions before using the pillow. Because a pillow might offer multi-functional features, following the instructions will help you decide the most appropriate lying position.

The most popular option for many people when purchasing a pregnancy pillow is the one coming with multi-functional purposes. Discover how to use a pregnancy pillow as our guides below. Neck support is the first outstanding feature we should mention here. With the smart design, this type keeps your spine straight while sleeping on one side. It solves pains in neck and shoulders when sleeping in curved positions.

If you find any discomfort with your belly while sleeping, let the pillow helps you overcome this difficulty. You had better put slightly the pillow under your belly. Why does this item become so effective? It comes from the great function of supporting your back and belly.

Next, put the pillow in the gap between your legs. With the support of a soft pregnancy pillow, it contributes to reducing pains in your ankles and knees. This effective tool also helps promote your smooth blood circulation.

Backaches are a common problem that many women have to cope with in pregnancy. By using the pregnancy pillow, you have a chance to support your back well due to a wrap-around portion. The pillow prevents you from putting pressure on your back.

Tips and Warnings

There are several alternatives for a pregnancy pillow. You can purchase multiple pillows to support your pains instead of using the special pillow for pregnant women. This type of pillow also equips cushion to make you feel completely comfortable. Try to have a new habit of sleeping with the support of a pregnancy pillow. You should not use the pregnancy pillow for other purposes, except for the recommendations from doctors.

In conclusion, it is very necessary to discover how to use a pregnancy pillow in a proper way. This is the basic requirement to take full advantage of the pregnancy pillow. We all know that a good pillow in the right situations can bring the better sleep by relieving pains in joints, back or hip. Why don’t you think about purchasing your own pregnancy pillow before pregnancy?

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