How to Wrap a Baby in a Blanket

How to Wrap a Baby in a Blanket

Wrapping is a traditional method to make the newborn feel safe and cozy. Some people often call it as another name of swaddling. The benefits of wrapping are providing better sleep quality to the babies, reducing waking at night as well as calming baby’s cry. It is very important to learn how to wrap a baby in a blanket in the right way.

As you know, 17% babies at the first period of life have to deal with immature hip structure. Incorrect folding techniques may cause serious problems such as joints in hip and hip dysplasia. Therefore, all you need to do is having a soft blanket and intelligent folding techniques. Keep on reading and discover the best way to wrap a baby in the blanket.

How to Wrap a Baby in a Blanket

  1. Make a Basic Wrapping

You must have a square blanket for the baby. Make sure that the blanket is big enough to swaddle the total body of your baby. You can reuse an old blanket or purchase the new one from the blanket stores. Normally, it should come with 40’’x40’’ in the dimensions. The material of the blanket should be thin and stretchy enough for easy wrapping without making babies feel too hot. Then, place the blanket in a flat position. Try to fold the blanket toward the diamond shape. Find out how to wrap a baby in a blanket as the followings.

Depending on the height of your baby, you can fold down exactly the blanket’s top corner. Another important step is placing your baby on the blanket. Be careful in supporting his head and body. Perhaps you might feel difficult to do this task. After putting your baby arm into the right position, keep it beside his side. If you want to make him more comfortable, bend his arms toward the tummy. This way will reduce the tightness of the blanket.

Once these steps finish, wrap alternately both sides of the blanket. It is advisable for you to use one corner of the blanket to cover your baby and put it tightly under his back. This helps keep the baby arm in the right position. Repeat with one left hand. You need placing the baby arm along his body or toward his tummy.

The next step is folding the bottom corner of the blanket. Pull it toward the shoulders of your baby. The folding position of the blanket should be between the blanket’s bottom layer and his shoulders. Remember to spend enough space for letting the baby feet free in the blanket. Here is a necessary task to prevent babies from getting too hot or even hip dysplasia in the future.

 Wrap a Baby in a Blanket

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Then, cover the body of your baby by using the blanket’s right corner. The idealist shape must be V-neck form. Let the end free for more comfort. Your left hand will be responsible for keeping the blanket in the suitable position of the baby chest. In addition, your right hand is in charge of flipping the right corner of the blanket next to your baby feet. Lift gently your baby up and tuck the folding position under his back.

By following these steps above, you are successful in learning how to wrap a baby in a blanket. Ensure that the blanket wrapping is comfortable enough without overheating and blocking the baby’s airway.

  1. Tips and Warnings

Be careful when wrapping your baby to prevent sudden problems. Incorrect wrapping technique may be the reason causing to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in healthy babies. However, don’t have to worry because wrapping itself brings many benefits to your baby. All you need is following the right instructions of wrapping the baby. Moreover, when you co-sleep with the little ones, you should not wrap him in your blanket. This helps reduce the risk of this syndrome.

Besides, avoid wrapping your baby too tight to protect his lung from filling with air. Observe the breathing of your baby if you feel anxious.

Never let your baby suck the pacifier in his mouth when wrapping him in a blanket. The pacifier may make babies choke while sleeping. Another safe way is allowing your baby to lie on his back. This is a good method to support his air breath and make it smooth and easy.

It is advisable for you to place the baby on a firm mattress.  Make sure that the mattress is not too soft and too hard. The too soft mattress may cause to choke in the baby if he is in the prone position.  Some items can cause danger to your baby when sleeping such as stuffed animals, pillows and more. Remove all of them for better safety. In case you find it hard to apply this method on your newborns, you could purchase a safe infant sleeping bag as the alternative solution.How to wrap a newborn baby in a blanket

A perfect environment for babies to sleep must be cool and comfortable. Depending on the temperature, parents should wear the appropriate outfit for their babies. For example, a nappy or singlet is the good recommendation for warm days. Wear a lightweight jumpsuit to your baby on cool days. Avoid wrapping ears, chin and head of the baby for protecting him from overheating and choking.

In a word, we all know the incredible importance of how to wrap a baby in a blanket in the proper way. The correct techniques while wrapping a baby should come with keeping the head tight, checking for overheating, bending the legs and practicing this process for several times. Try to make your baby feel happy when you practice to wrap him in a blanket. You could apply this method for newborns under 3 to 4 months.

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