How to Make a Baby Fall Asleep Fast

How to Make a Baby Fall Asleep Fast

Many parents find it hard to make their babies fall asleep fast. The reason is that babies tend to feel difficult to recognize day and night. They often have short sleep and take the time to fall asleep. However, nothing is impossible. In our article, we would like to help you know how to make a baby fall asleep fast. Even the little ones are at several weeks old; you can build up a good sleeping habit to them. Newborns need up to 18 hours of sleeping per day, whereas, the bigger ones require less time with 14 hours. Follow these tips below and bring the deep and fast sleep to your babies.

How to Make a Baby Fall Asleep Fast

  1. Use Suitable Light

A great light strategy helps babies distinguish day and night in an effective way. As you know, darkness stimulates the babies to create melatonin, an important hormone for supporting the sleep. Learn how to make a baby fall asleep fast with our suggestions below.

To have smooth daytime naps, you had better offer enough sunlight into the baby’s room. It is different from nighttime, which inspires the feeling of sleepiness. One of the best ways to complete this task is making the light as dimmer as possible. It is advisable for you to dim the light about 2 hours before going to the bed. This helps create the great mood of sleeping. With the baby’s room, you should set a small light with cool tones.

Avoid turning on the light or taking the baby to another bright room once he wakes up at night. This is because the bright light may stimulate him to alert. You had better put the baby in his bed without a light. Some sources of artificial lights include lamps, screens, monitors; nightlights, bedroom lights, etc…The less exposure of the baby to light, the deeper sleep he can get. Remember to design your room in the suitable direction to avoid morning sunlight and trouble napping.

  1. Create a Bedtime Habit

One of the best things about how to make a baby fall asleep fast is setting up an appropriate bedtime habit. It is challengeable for moms to time the sleep of their babies, especially newborns. You had better wait until the baby feels nearly asleep and put him down on his bed. In Western, there is a scale of sleepiness counting from 1 to 10. The best time for the baby to sleep is at 7 or 8 level. Some typical signals of the sleepiness in babies are heavy eyes, yawning, eye rubbing, and whininess.

Besides, it is very important for you to create a sleep routine for the baby. This encourages the baby to go to bed at the same time day by day. There are different activities getting involved into a sleep schedule. They include clean clothes for bedtime, warm shower, a good feeding, a favorite story, etc…By following these activities step by step, you can show your baby the cues of relaxation. When it comes to reading a story to the baby, use a quiet and low voice to stimulate his sleepiness. For the younger babies, you should express the schedule by speeches, not actions.

  1. Avoid Looking Directly in The Baby’s Eyes

Looking in your baby’s eyes may stimulate them about the playtime. Therefore, you should limit making eye contact with them to prevent them from getting up. Instead, you had better sing his favorite song, touch gently and talk sweetly. This helps make him fall asleep quickly.

  1. Use High-quality Diapers

Changing the diapers at night might make the baby wake up. Instead of using 2 diapers per night, you can purchase good diapers that can keep your baby always dry. It means you have to make a diaper change in case of poop. A good diaper should be fresh with the minimum of liquid leaking at the midnight. If you need washing the hips of your babies, try to use a wipe warmer to make the diapers warm for use. Another useful recommendation is using pajamas. You had better choose the soft and breathable pajamas for the maximum of comfort.

  1. Conduct a Gentle Massage

The next effective suggestion is applying a gentle massage in the little ones. Discover how to make a baby fall asleep fast by using a gentle massage. Use a small amount of oil for baby to create the comfortable feeling. Rub oil in your palm and massage different body parts of the baby such as legs, hands, tummy, back, feet and arms. Some favorite types of baby oils are grape seed and sunflower flavor. In addition, the baby should sleep in the right position. The best sleeping position is on the baby’s back. Avoid sleeping on the tummy because it is the reason causing to SIDS in the baby.

  1. Feed at Night

If your baby has the signals of feeling difficult to sleep, perhaps he is hungry. By feeding him at midnight, you can offer the longer sleep to the little one.  Remember to make the light dim enough for easy sleeping. Use the nipple when settling the baby down without burping. According to the advice from a health provider, you should not feed the baby too much before bedtime because it may make him feel uncomfortable. Make sure that the baby is full enough for a long sleep at night.

Make a Baby Fall Asleep Fast

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It is advisable for you to apply these techniques when the baby is at 4 months old. Here is the suitable time for the little ones to be familiar with a new routine. Be patient in encouraging the baby to be used to with the new habit in about one week. If it seems less efficiency, try another method.

In general, a good sleep contributes significantly to the development of your babies. It explains why parents should know how to make a baby fall asleep fast. There is a great number of effective ways to make your baby stick in new sleeping habit. Your responsibility is selecting the best method for matching the habit of your babies and family.

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